Are you conditioning your hair properly?

When I worked in a salon, we were given a lot of education not only about hair techniques, but what happens when product is applied to the hair. Your hair is like a spongue and absorbs everything, good and bad given to it.  I had a lot of clients complaining about how often they have to wash their hair and how oily their scalps get after one day since washing! So I asked them “how are you applying your conditioner?” Most people put a quarter size glob of conditioner in their hair, applied it to the top of their head and worked it into the rest of their hair from there. Well, this is not the proper way to apply conditioner. Your scalp already produces its own oils, and your hair closest to your scalp is NEW hair, it hasn’t seen the same sun, heat, and color damage as your ends have. Your roots don’t need much moisturizing, if any. The proper way to condition is to apply the quarter size amount first to your mids-ends, then whatever is left on your hands after that (it won’t be much) can be distributed to the top half of your hair. This will give you a couple extra days between washing.


Now, if dry hair is an issue, you need more than conditioner. Most women these days color their hair regularly. Most get some sort of highlight/ombre/balayage as well. That can take a toll on your hair and cause long-term damage if you are not doing deep conditioning treatments. I have tried many treatments in my days, and my favorite thus far is the Mythic Oil Masque and Oil Bar. You can use the Masque alone if you want, but when you mix the oil in with it, it is like magic!! NEVER use the oil alone, your hair will look SO greasy afterwards and there is no washing it out. It is meant to be used with the Masque. If your hair is extremely dry, you can even use the masque as a regular conditioner. These 2 products are a pretty decent price on Amazon. Mythic Oil Masque / Mythic Oil Bar. The best way for your hair to absorb this masque is to sit under heat for 15 minutes, and sit out for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water so your hair cuticle can close and seal in that silkiness!! Also, don’t forget to use some sort of product that works on your hair before you blowdry! It protects your hair from the heat of a blowdryer/flat iron. My favorite is Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum. It works on ALL hair types…even thin, oily hair!! It smells delish as well. Happy conditioning!! If you have any questions, please feel free to message me!!

After I conditioned I blow-dried with Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum and curled my hair with a 1-1/4 inch iron, curling each strand in opposite direction as the previous. (This gives more texture than curling each strand in the same direction)


Play Doh, I hate you I love you…

Ahhh Play Doh, all kids love it and most parents have a love/hate relationship with it. Why?? Because it is MESSY. It always ends up everywhere! Play-Doh crumbs everywhere. And it never lasts long. The store bought play-doh is so sticky when brand new that it gets in my little nugget’s fingernails, and sticks to their clothes. I occasionally let my girls play with it because they do love it so much and it sparks their creativity. We also have a zillion play-doh toys so we can’t let those go to waste now can we! Today was a day that Play-Doh was necessary. We have been couped up in the house for over a week now, as we have turned into an epidemic. Runny noses here, goopy eyes there. Now I make my own play-doh. It doesn’t have the stickiness of store-bought..and I can toss it after we play with it (before it dries out and really gets everywhere). It is so low-cost to make I don’t feel bad tossing it. But it is supposed to last up to 6 months if you make it right. I found the recipe on…dundundun..wait for it..Pinterest! (shocker, I know) Here is the link to the play-doh recipe I use. It kept them busy long enough for me to make homemade chicken lemon rice soup (see last post for recipe),and I stored half of the play-doh in a ziploc bag to use later. It dries up quick so I toss it as we use it. It is my fault it dries, I always add extra flour at the end and probably shouldn’t, so if you do it exactly as the recipe says, you won’t have that problem. Maybe next time I will remember not to do that! You can make it all the same color or even split it up in 4 or 5 different balls and give each their own color. If you have extra, this is an awesome gift to give to your kid’s teacher! Evalynn’s nursery teacher last year was so excited to learn I made my own play-doh, and happily accepted the donation. Happy playing kiddos, and happy cleaning, Mommas. 😉

Chicken Lemon Rice and flu season

We have all gotten sick in our house the past couple weeks. First it starts with one kid’s nose acting up, then the other one’s nose starts acting up..then the hubby gets it. Then when I think we are in the clear, Evalynn wakes up with her eyes crusted shut. She freaked out.. “I can’t open my eyes!” Then Zola’s eyes start the next morning…green fluorescent boogers coming out like there’s no tomorrow. Needless to say..we went to the doctor to get some drops..viral pink eye is nothing to mess with. The drops worked immediately, until Evalynn started itching like a maniac. I tried everything to help her…vinegar bath, Cortizone cream with aloe, baking soda/coconut oil for 3 mins then rinsed and applied olive oil. That last effort got her to sleep from midnight til 9:20 a.m. I wish I had Benadryl on hand to help the poor dear! I googled her eye drops in the morning only to find out she is allergic to them!! Go figure. I also woke up to…my eye draining and congestion and a sore throat that has been bothering me for 3 days now!

Anyway…I made chicken soup for the hubby and kids last weekend because they were all fighting colds. This weekend I was the one who needed soup..but needed a change. I have been looking for a good chicken lemon rice soup recipe for quite some time now. I hopped onto Pinterest, per usual, and clicked on the first one I saw. It looked simple enough, but full of flavor! It uses Arborio rice and dill, which really caught my eye, I love both of those things!! Here is the recipe if anyone wants to try it. If you like a thicker soup, the 3 eggs in the recipe is perfect. I cannot wait to try more of her recipes, they all look amazing. She has a cookbook as well. Enjoy! And stay healthy! Now back to scrubbing toilets and washing everyone’s bedding… I am determined to rid this house of germs!

Sesame Chicken

I love trying new recipes. Sometimes it is so hard to figure out what the heck to make for dinner, so I hop on to Pinterest and well, let’s just say after that I have too many ideas! But it is easily narrowed down to which recipes I actually have the ingredients laying around for. Some recipes have like 100 ingredients and I just don’t have all of that stuff laying around!! Sometimes recipes have an ingredient that I have never even heard of.  I have recently been trying a couple new Asian dishes. I love teriyaki chicken, sweet and sour chicken, and sesame chicken. I had never tried sesame chicken until a few days ago, though. I don’t know why it always intimidated me. I never knew what they put in that thick batter that you deep fry the chicken in. Sometimes I wish I never figured it out..because it isn’t the healthiest way to cook chicken, ha ha!! I found a super easy and delicious recipe on Let’s just say I made it twice in 3 days it was so good! Even my husband was raving over it..which does not happen often!! Head on over to that website and check out the recipe, and try it for yourself! You won’t want to order Chinese food again if you know how to make it by yourself. It’s a lot more convenient being home alone with two girls to just make things myself rather than have to go pick up take-out with them. It’s easier on my pocketbook and a healthier option!!

Why make a blog?

I have been following other people’s instagrams and realizing a lot of them also have a blog. I thought “how cool, your own place to showcase your thoughts, opinions, and passions”. I for a while have been looking for a certain outlet. I stay at home with my 2 daughters (ages 2 and 4)..and I love it! But sometimes I am like MAN..I need a second to breathe! To remember what makes ME happy! So I got to thinking..what makes me happy..what gets me excited? It’s the little things really…finding a good deal on some new clothes. Nailing a new recipe (extra bonus when the fam actually eats it). I went to cosmetology school and worked in a high end salon for 5 years before deciding to stay home with my daughters..but hair is still my passion. I love trying out new techniques, styles, and hair colors. I really believe having good hair can boost a woman’s confidence so much. Makeup..I love makeup! Give me a good eyeliner and mascara and I am SET. I have always been known for my “cat-eyes”. It’s my signature look..I feel naked without the cat-eyes on. Lastly, I am recently passionate about decorating my new home. I basically want it to look like it belongs on HGTV..but that will take a very long time!

Anyway…to end the ramble..I feel comfortable and confident in my own skin and if my posts can inspire other to feel the same..I have succeeded!

Faux Fur

I just built a new home with my lovely husband and two beautiful daughters. This was a fresh start for us and the house is a blank canvas for us to paint any way we’d like. Now, you can either look at this as super exciting or super scary! Yay! I get to decorate my new house! or…Oh No! What if I make all the wrong decisions and my house looks horrendous!? So..I started watching HGTV, googling home decor images, window shopping, and searching every home decor site I could. I realized a few things..I love turqouise and teal anything! I gravitate towards modern and rustic type decor. And I love faux fur!! Faux fur ottomans, faux fur rugs, faux fur blankets, pillows, bean bags…you name it! I ended up purchasing 4 faux fur pillows, a HUGE faux fur bean bag (SO COMFY!), and 2 faux fur square poufs for the end of my daughter’s bed. I have 5749068967 zillion more things to buy to make this house feel like home…but for heart is fur…err..full. 🙂

Yoga Pants

So, the title of my blog is not just made up for fun, I really reallyyyy love a good pair of yoga pants. Every girl has a favorite pair, or 5. I have a favorite pair. They are Under Armour. If they had more than one on the rack, I would have bought 3. But unfortunately, Nordstrom Rack only has a select few yoga pants in store to choose from, so when you find the one you like…you grab it. Fortunately for me, they were a great price!! Under Armour has the best quality pants, in my opinion. They don’t shrink, they come in amazing colors, and they fit me like they were made for me. They do not wear and tear hardly at all!! Bonus: they are bright turquoise. Every outfit needs a pop of SOMETHING..and these pants give me that pop of color I need to feed my inner fashionista.

I usually pair my yoga pants with a nice flowy, comfy shirt in the Winter. (I got this one in Target Clearance recently…by Mossimo.) In The Summer I pair it with a cute fitness top.