An IPSY obsession

If any of you know me well yet, you know I love my Ipsy bags! They send me stuff I didn’t even know existed, that I would never find in stores around me. That could be because I am only at Target searching for makeup, but still! For $10 a month I get 5 beauty products for my hair, skin, and face! They send me nail polish too. I have loved every single bag so far! I started receiving them last October. Here are some of my current favorites. I finally found an under-eye cream that didn’t have the consistency of water. It actually covers up my old lady bags! (lol) my Foundation I actually did find at Target, but it is my absolute favorite. It is the consistency of silk and glides on my face so easy! The highlighter I use by itself as blush if I am just having a casual day, but if I am getting dressed up I add blush over it for a more dramatic look. I don’t know about you guys, but I never found a blush I didn’t like! It is fun to play around with different shades. I love a dramatic cheek. I am actually fond of my cheekbones, so I like to accentuate them! Ever since I started Ipsy, I’m obsessed with those fine tip Sharpie marker like eyeliners. I can even use the Wet n Wild one in between Ipsy sending me them. If you want to try this kind of eyeliner out I do recommend buying the wet and wild first as it is under $4. You can see if you are comfortable using that sort of eyeliner. I always get black. Ipsy has sent me two so far and have lasted me 2 months each! The eyeliner pictured here is the best one I have ever used. It is so easy to apply and I can get those sharp lines I crave. And you can cry your eyes out and that shiz doesn’t smudge. But please don’t cry! You are beautiful!

Links to purchase this makeup here: Aurora eyeliner , IBY highlighter ,  bye bye under eye

The brush is by (This was also in my IPSY bag)

I can’t wait to receive my next bag and share with you guys my new favorites!!

And then there was a “rope basket”

Every once in a while my kids let me read a magazine (ok I snuck into the bathroom and pretended I was peeing for 20 minutes). While “peeing” I was skimming through my Redbook and came across one of those crafty DIY pages. This one looked doable and So cute! It was a DIY rope basket. All you need is a dollar store basket, 2 skeins of yarn of your choice, and a glue gun (oh and a whole lot of glue sticks!!). I cannot find the page I ripped out for the life of me, but I know it said to use rope and I instead used a very thick yarn. I found 2 skeins at Michaels on sale for 3.49 each! This whole project only cost me 8 dollars, plus the 50 glue sticks I used. So much glue. On my hands, on my was everywhere! Strings of glue with fuzzy yarn attached lol. I will be slower and more careful next time for sure.

Anyway, if I recall correctly, the Redbook article said to wrap this rope around the outside of the basket and the top lip, and leave the basket visible on the inside. I did not like how this looked, it just didn’t look “done” to me. I had a lot of yarn leftover so I glued the yarn on the inside too, following the same design as the outside: colored yarn on the bottom, neutral yarn of choice on the top. This particular basket is for my youngest daughter Zola’s room. She has purple bedding and off-white accent. This basket is so cute and I have no idea what we will use it for, I want to put so many things in it! I will probably end up making her another one. But first, I promised my oldest daughter I would make one for her too. Hers will be grey and pink to match her room.

I always loved doing crafty things. I admit I am not the best at it, but I get a huge rush shopping around for the goodies and running home to do it! I have a ton of experience with yarn too, I used to crochet all kinds of things. Earwarmers, scarfs, wrist warmers, beanies, winter hats, headbands!! I had more spare time before I had 2 kids to do all of this. I can see this basket making thing becoming quite the addiction. So many basket sizes to choose from, so many many rooms to put them in!! God help my husband in the next month!! I had a friend doing this with me which made it extra fun. You can see the fun colors she chose in the back of a couple of my pictures.

I took some pics of the process so you can see the order I did things. I started with the basket upside down and worked my way up, and when I was done with the outside I turned it right side up and finished the top lip. This is when I decided to just go ahead and do the whole inside too. I am so glad I did that! I will keep you guys posted on the other baskets I make. Maybe next time I will put a liner on the inside and the yarn on the outside. Maybe I will make one with actual rope like all the websites say to! Since I cannot find this said Redbook page, here are a couple links I found for these baskets:

guilt ridden mom

Why oh why is that Moms and Wives feel guilty for doing anything for ourselves? Even taking too long to cook for my family I feel guilty that I had to ignore the kids long enough to make a decent meal! Working out after they go to bed, oh yes I feel guilty about that too. Because I should be downstairs folding laundry and cleaning up the kitchen from our dinner 2 hours prior, right!? No, WRONG! Why the guilt? I’m working out for me, for my health! Oh and watching that hour of my show is good for me too, because it is good for my mental health! I am so used to pleasing everybody else all day long that it feels strange and wrong to do something solely for me. I don’t spend a dime on my hair or getting my nails done/getting a massage/going out to lunch with friends. And I don’t mind all of that I would do it if I really wanted to..but for some reason being away from my kids just feels weird to me. They are growing up so fast and I really do want to soak up every minute! But am I missing out on other aspects of life? Will I regret later not doing date night with my husband once a week? Or going to drinks with friends and sucking it up and calling a babysitter? The days just go by so fast when you are a mom, every minute of your day is soaked up it feels like there really is no time for all of the things you want to do with your life. I’m not even sure what I would want to change if somebody asked me what else it is I needed. Even if I had a few more hours in the day I would still be needing more. Is everybody feel this way? Do we all feel like there is not enough time to fulfill all of our needs and passions in life, because we’re too busy doing the things that we need to do, have to do to keep our lives running on track. Food for thought..have a great weekend everybody!! I know we will.. we are celebrating my daughters 5th birthday!

Side note: this post sounds like a pity party, I really do love my life so much! Just need to work on having a more balanced routine. We all have things to work on, and sometimes writing it down reminds me how silly I sound and that I just need to relax. Calm down woman! haha xo

Why do we love posting selfies so much?

 I was thinking about this today..SELFIES. Do we all take them, but we don’t all post them? I really enjoy taking selfies (that sounds so silly to just throw it out there like that) When I look back at my and my cousin would always get all dolled up and take “modeling” pictures of each other.  I never “posted” them anywhere, I was too young to even have anywhere to post them! It was just fun to do!! Then when I got a little older..Myspace became the hot thing. That was like THE place to put all of your selfies! I even remember posting a couple in a bikini and it offended my sisterinlaw so much at the time that she tried to get my brother to get me to take them down, like I was committing a crime. So-selfies that bare more skin-do they offend people? Or do they bring out the insecurities in themselves so they feel they have to make us feel we are doing something wrong because it makes them feel uncomfortable with themselves? If taking pictures of yourself is a hobby just as much as someone who loves to cook and takes endless pictures of their food…why are selfies criticized more? People are just as much a work of art as a beautiful plate of food!

For me, selfies are how I always expressed myself and my self confidence. When I got all dolled up and felt pretty, it made me feel like I could do anything, made me feel confident. And when you feel confident, you feel like you can do anything, right!? Working in a salon was the best job for me, because they encouraged us to look the best we could. It made our clients feel confident that we would make them feel like the best version of themselves if we, in turn, looked our best. I may not be in a salon anymore..but I still feel like getting myself ready in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. If I feel good about myself I am more likely to get out of the friggin’ door and get some much needed errands done..or take the girls somewhere fun! I find myself being much more social when I feel like I look presentable. Do you girls feel the same!?

Everyone does different things that make them feel their most confident. Whether it be a killer work out, killing it at their job, or getting all your housework done for the day before 10 am (that puts me in the BEST mood!) We shouldn’t criticize other people for what they do to make themselves feel good, feel happy. If curling my hair and wearing as much eyeliner as I can and taking 20 selfies that day makes me feel GOOD, why shouldn’t I do it!? Everybody wins really. If I feel good, my kids, my husband, my friends-they all benefit from it. Because I am HAPPY and giving them the best version of myself!!!

The bloggers and Instagram women who inspire me are the ones that take selfies to promote something that means something to them-whether it be an idea, their own brand or somebody else’s brand that they are inspired by and want to share with others to inspire them too! I have gotten so many fashion and fitness tips from this woman and I get excited to see their next selfie or post and what it will inspire! I hope to do this for others as well.

My #ootd was an H&M peplum top, my favorite Target jeans, and Coach flats from DSW. If I am struggling to find shoes I like I always resort to DSW! H&M has also been one of my favorite stores for years!!! Their prices are unbeatable and their style just fits me so well. I own a lot of jeans from their store too.

Yoga Confessions

I am going to confess something hoping I am not the only one. Most days I wear yoga pants so that when the opportunity to work out comes, I am just READY for it! The beauty of yoga pants is they look super cute with a comfy top and most flat shoes. I have even rocked ballet flats with my yoga pants and didn’t feel totally unfashionable. Today I wore my favorite black Champion yoga pants. I should have bought 5 pairs of these when I found them, they are amazing. I own them in capri form as well so I can rock them year-round. The girls got to bed on time tonight so I got to get my new favorite show in(This is Us) and my work out in – yay!! All I had to do was throw on a tank and my five finger shoes.

I have been teased many times for loving my five finger shoes. I have had them for 4 years and I still love them as much as the first time I wore them!! They feel like you have no shoes on, and they don’t make my feet look huge, so I can wear them with a t-shirt dress or shorts in warm weather (whenever warm weather decides to show it’s face–arghh!!) #whereareyousummer. I checked Amazon for you guys and you can still buy them here.

In case you are wondering what exercises I do, they are 99% of the time going to be by Fitness Blender on YouTube. You guys, they have over 600 workouts for FREE on youtube. I have been obsessed with them for a couple years now. Whether you only have time for a 5 minute squat workout or you want a full body workout with weights, they are for you!! They have kept me interested in exercising for way longer than I have ever been able to go in the past. They don’t put music in the background so you can rock out to your own tunes (or watch TV) I have done that, if I want to watch TV I will just put the exercise video of choice on my phone and watch my favorite shows at the same time. I do a 1 hour lower body pilates video by Fitness Blender that requires you to be on the floor the whole time. You can totally watch your favorite show during this work out! The link to this amazing workout is here.

Tonight I chose a couple of my trusty favorites. I wanted a quick arm workout and even quicker ab workout. I started off with my favorite bicep/tricep video by popsugarliving (link here). Then I did another favorite arm exercise by Fitness Blender (link here)I ended with an 8 minute ab exercise by Fitness Blender (link here).



If any of you need a change to your exercise routine I hope you will try some of their videos out, it changed my life! I was able to quit the expensive classes I was attending and stay toned at home. I have never been one to be able to work out successfully on my own, so having easy to follow videos has been a life saver! Now if I could only stop eating so many carbs….


Ponytails and fur

Ponytails scare me a little bit. I have never been one to confidently walk around with my hair slicked back in a ponytail or in a knot on top of my head. I prefer my hair down, and curly. Ponytails showcase all kinds of things that my long curls usually hide. When my hair is down I don’t have to worry if my foundation lines around my face are blended perfectly, or if my makeup is on point. When your hair is out of your face, you see everything! You better make sure that makeup is perfect girl! And for the gals who can rock a ponytail and no makeup, I applaud you! Girls with thick, long hair or extensions can rock a gorgeous ponytail but I do not have enough hair for that right now!! Today, my hair was NOT working well with me, so I had to resort to a messy ponytail. Do you gals like ponytails or is it a last resort for you too? Maybe I will start experimenting and find a ponytail I can feel confident in, that leaves my hair still looking full. Maybe add some strands around my face down – to offset my long, oval face.

Now, on to my boots! These suckers are at least 7 years old! I got them at Aldo when I worked in a salon and could afford to splurge on a pair of shoes any day of the week. Before kids and a home started sucking the life out of the funds! These boots called to me..they can be worn a few different ways: all the way rolled down, halfway rolled down, or not rolled at all. They are warmest when worn as thigh highs, and trendiest when folded all the way down. I do love me some fur!!!! It is chilly outside today, so a thick scarf from Express and warm, soft boots seemed perfect. (if only my hair was down… Happy Thursday everyone!

Target is life

Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like shopping at Target? Those people scare me. Where do they buy their clothes? Toiletries? Home decor? Food? Where do they buy things they need but didn’t know they needed until they walked into the store?! There’s no other place to do this but Target! I know one thing about those people, they have a lot more money than me.

When I got dressed to run a couple errands today, I realized my whole outfit was Target! My vest, my jeans, my boots! The boots I actually found on an app called Poshmark, they were brand new but somebody was selling them for much less than they were at Target! That is a super easy app to use for you fine people who have never tried it, to find great deals on lots of fashionable items, and it is very easy to sell your own items as well!

I also forgot to show you guys what the pink pencil I put under my red lipstick yesterday looked like by itself. It is actually quite pretty alone! But because it is a pencil, it feels a bit dry on my lips all day.. that’s why I like to put something over it. I actually wore my hair straight today which I almost never do! I didn’t even recognize person I was looking at in the mirror! My hair is getting longer, can’t wait to see how much I can get it to grow this year! Lots and lots of Mythic oil treatments are in my future!


A decorative Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers (and single-ers!!!) I was thinking of how different Valentine’s Day is for everyone. For me, it has always been a normal day. I don’t expect my husband to bring me home a dozen roses and chocolates. He comes home too late for me to be waiting around for that! We started the fun early today. Me and the girls were painting our nails pink and red with sparkles and eating chocolates by 10 am. I bought each girl a big box of Whitman’s chocolates because that’s what I….err I mean they like!!! Come to find out half the chocolates in there are not kid-friendly!! The molasses chew stuck to the roof of Zola’s mouth, the coconut made her choke, and the toffee got stuck in their teeth. Looks like me and hubby have a big box of chocolates to share tonight!!

To match my red and pink nails, I wore one of my favorite lip combos today. First, I colored all of my lips with Mirabella Lip Definer – Tease. Now, if you are looking for a nice light and subtle lip color, you can wear this alone (or put a light gloss over it for a glossier effect) But I layered over it Absolute New York Matte Stick in Dark Red. You can wear this alone as well, but I like to go around my lips at the end with the Mirabella pencil again, to help spread the lipstick around and make sure my edges are perfect. I am not even sure if you can see the pink pencil at the end of it all, but it helps me distribute the color to my lips better! I am loving the matte lip colors lately! What more perfect for Valentine’s Day than a sexy red lip? I used to not like dark lip colors because I wished my lips were bigger and I didn’t want to bring attention to them..but one day I realized-UM WHO CARES!!  I got this red matte lipstick in my Ipsy bag a few months ago, and I like it because it stays in place and doesn’t feel wet on my lips after applying, the way gloss does. I enjoy experimenting with lip colors because 99% of the time I do not wear eyeshadow, so I can get away with a bolder lip. Red lips + black winged eyeliner = ON FIRE. I will be showing a lot of my Ipsy goodies in future blog posts.

I may not get flowers for Valentine’s Day..but I did get one thing better! A new kitchen table! I have been looking for the perfectly square counter height table for our new house for a few months with no luck. We randomly strolled into Art Van driving home from another furniture store that disappointed us just like all the previous stores did. Hubby saw an Art Van and we thought WHY NOT, let’s give it one more shot! We found a table within 5 minutes!

I had the guy throw in one of those garden stools too. I have been eyeing them for a while. I found the perfect copper one. It fills the room in a bit more, and is the perfect little spot to put a plate full of appetizers, your coffee, or your tush. Yes, I said your tush! These little stools double as an extra seat!! I love a multi-functional piece. That is why I fell in love with my kitchen table, the bench can be pushed into the living room for extra seats to watch a movie.  All in all, I would say this was a fulfilling Valentine’s!! The stool I bought can be searched for as: Aspire Home Accents Mathers Copper Metal Stool

A sassy beret

Hi guys!! How is everyone’s week going?? I recently purchased a new e-book “Big Little Lies” and I am so excited to read it! I am a few chapters in..and I was giggling because it begins with the moms registering their kids for Kindergarten..and that’s what I was doing last night…attending a Kindergarten orientation!!! This book will be a fun read for me because of the similarities between these Moms and myself. I am hoping to finish it before the show starts on HBO on the 19th.

I dropped the kids off at my parent’s house before attending this Kindy shin-dig, and my Mom surprised me with an early birthday present. Part of my gift was a homemade crocheted slouchy beanie. It is such a pretty sparkly gray and suits me perfectly! I threw it on my head and rocked it out at the “shin-dig”. It matched my silver-studded Converse perfectly. When I stood up in my cousin’s wedding she bought all of us Converse tennis shoes with our names on the back. I love them! They make my feet look ginormous but I am slowly getting over that.

I used to crochet a TON when I was a Mom of only one little minion. But now that I have two, there is just no time! I have a HUGE bin of yarn supplies waiting for my return. I will get back into it one day..but for now we enjoy the hats, scarfs, and ear-warmers I made when I was a crocheting fiend a few years back. If you like the hat my mom made me, the pattern is here.  If you don’t know how to crochet, I am sure someone you know does and can make it for you! I have this beret in multiple colors…it is so fun picking out what yarn to use. There are so many options! I think people on Etsy will crochet you something if you ask as well.

Give a girl the right pair of jeans and she can conquer the world

Happy Monday everyone!!! I hope you all had a great Super Bowl weekend..we sure did. Lots of homemade cooking made by yours truly..and lots of dancing to Lady Gaga. I truly feel bad for anyone who saw my snapchat feed…I was embarrassing! Haha! My girls enjoyed the silly side of me so it was well worth it. I used to be obsessed with Lady Gaga..she is such an incredible performer with an amazing voice. Her dance moves are not too shabby either, she basically killed it out there. Go Gaga!!
So…..I already showed you guys my beloved favorite pair of yoga now I am going to talk about my absolute favorite pair jeans. Every girl also has these! The jeans that look good dressed up or dressed down. I had a pair from Express that were my go-to’s for 6 years. I needed to find a different pair..the holes in the knees were getting bigger and bigger and lets be honest, they were on their way to being outdated. There was one thing I was looking for in my replacement favorite jeans.. a LOW WAIST. I have had 2 kids, and while I may be on the thinner side, I have a stretchy stomach that tends to show itself when a waistline is pressed against it! I need jeans that are comfortable standing up AND sitting down!! So one day my Cartwheel app notification pops up.. 25% OFF OF JEANS! I ran there…Target is my favorite…it just is. They have everything I will ever need in this life…literally everything. So when I got there I grabbed a crap ton of jeans and just went to town trying them on…until I came upon this one pair by Mossimo. They were so perfect…they fit me like a glove, they have that low waist I was craving, and NO HOLES ripped in them..which means I can rock them in the Winter too! YES! I should have bought 3 pair because they are the only jeans I enjoy wearing anymore. They are called Low-Rise Skinny. I paired them with a t-shirt from old faux leather jacket from Wet Seal, and some Daddy’s $ hidden wedge floral sneakers by Skechers that are a few years old but surprisingly they still have on Amazon here. I love playing around with different styles..the shoes may be a bit “young” for me, but I don’t care! I felt good in them today and that’s what it’s all about! Doing what makes you FEEL GOOD. Enjoy your Mondays rockstars.