What our kids teach us

Every day I think of how I can teach my kids new things, and make them the best people they can be..spark their creativity. But truthfully, everything I’m trying to do for them they so effortlessly do for me. Isn’t it true? I know kids don’t seem to have a worry in the world, but we should learn from them the ability to appreciate the small things. (Even though we clearly have more to worry about than they do.)

When we got home from school pick up yesterday, my daughter came home with a homemade kite. She was so excited to go home and fly this thing. So what did I do when we got home? I made one for her little sister too (of course) and we just ate lunch outside and flew kites for a bit. All it took was cutting the front of a coloring book into a diamond, poking the hole on the bottom and stringing some yarn through it. They were so happy, and I just sat there watching my little girls run around thinking how blessed I am. I try to appreciate these little things too. Why as adults is it so much harder to make us happy? We only appreciate grand gestures. I feel like the little things still make me smile. A kiss on the cheek from my husband, a hug from my child. A sweet text from my parents. Those kind of things make my entire day! All I have to do to make my kids day is say something like “hey let’s make homemade play- doh!” And they go “yayyyy..yeah!!! play-doh!!” And the next 2 hours is consisted of fun playing in the kitchen and eating snacks and just enjoying each other’s company. They have made it clear they love play-doh in the past so I know this makes them happy.

This is something we also don’t seem to do as adults…. fulfill those little things that make us happy. Do things for YOURSELF that make you happy! For me it is taking that extra hour to do my crafting, or learning a new recipe. Or getting a great workout in. And we need to let others around us know what they can do for us, even just a small gesture, to make us smile. But no, we just expect the other person to know what makes us happy and then get mad later because they are not fulfilling these things we never even speak about. For example.. if my husband said ” I really love to come home to a fresh plate of chocolate chip cookies.” You better believe the first thing I would do the next day is make chocolate chip cookies and set them in the counter for him! But if he only thinks this in his mind, and doesn’t express his feelings, I would never know that coming home to baked goods could make him so happy! It sounds silly, but if you replace the chocolate chip cookies with something small that makes you happy, doesn’t it make so much more sense? Like if I told my husband if he would just walk in the door with my favorite chocolate bar or that small significant item that I forgot to buy at the grocery store that it would just make my whole week..because somebody was thinking about you and doing something just for you, just trying to make you simply smile. These are the things we need to do for each other, you would be surprised how much a person’s mood can change when you do a small gesture to show them that they were in your thoughts that day.

On that note..Enjoy your Thursday! Try to do something small for somebody you love this week, it can do amazing things! And don’t forget to tell the ones you love the things that make you happy…communication can make a huge difference! We can’t expect everybody to know what’s going on inside our lovely heads now can we?? Our kids have NO problem demanding the things they need all day long so may we try to be more like them ha ha! xoxo

Lip Paint = Life

As you all know by now, I have been getting Ipsy bags for quite some time now. (If you don’t know, now you know..you’re welcome) Finally, after 6 months of receiving them, I found a product worth ordering! I almost almostttt ordered eyeliner a couple times..but found a cheaper version by Wet n Wild at Target. I am very close to running out of my Bye Bye Undereye by it cosmetics...so I may have to splurge on that one too! It helps me look awake in the morning, and covers up this weird visible vein I have under my left eye. That sounds so creepy, I swear it’s not…and I may be the only one who notices this thing..but it bothers me and I am happy a cream actually covers it. Only women think so deeply in detail when it comes to something as miniscule as eye cream. Miniscule to some..life changing to others!! Good undereye cream is life changing people! Especially to a women in her 30s! We are tired!

Whew, that went off course fast. Back to topic. Tarte cosmetics. They sent me a lip paint and lip gloss in past Ipsy bags. The lip gloss I like, but the lip paint I LOVE. This stuff dries right after applying, and does not go anywhere! I can smooch my kids right on their face all day with this stuff and it does not move, nor does it get on their cute little chubby cheeks. The color they sent me was O.K..but not a shade I would personally choose if I had to spend my money on it. I finally got the courage to splurge on this stuff after a couple glasses of wine on St. Patty’s Day. Liquid shopping courage!! The shades I got are FESTIVAL and CHEERLEADER. Festival is a nude mauve and is perfect for every day wear. I could rock this shade with NO other makeup on and it still looks appropriate. Now cheerleader is another story. This hot cherry shade is meant for sassy days!! Days when my eyeliner and hair is on point, or I am going to a party. I feel like the biggest bombshell with this shade on my lips. How can a lip shade do this to me? Hey, I will take the confidence boost. Thanks Tartiest!!!



The two downfalls to this stuff is that it makes my lips feel a bit dry, and while adding gloss to them helps that, and makes it look even more sassy, I can no longer smooch my kids after doing this. Adding a lip gloss takes the no smudge factor away. This stuff will come right off after glossing them up. So choose wisely how you want to wear this stuff. And make sure you always remove dry skin from your lips before putting the lip paint on. You need that smooth surface to work on. The lip scrub I use helps get the lip paint off at the end of the day as well. Any makeup remover should work because this isn’t as strong as lipsense, which I heard is not an easy task to remove.

I hope this review helps you gals who have been looking for a no smudge lip product. I was ecstatic when I found this stuff because I always love rocking a red lip, but usually refrain bcause it ends up bleeding or on my teeth. I am not a happy girl when I drive home and realize in the rear view mirror that my lipstick has traveled to the rest of my face as well while I was in public. Have a great week everyone!!!

PS.. the sample bronzer and blush came with my purchase..I love them both! I applied them both on before taking pictures..so you could all see what they look like! Subtle..yet pretty!!


As you all know..I am a proud Momma and Wifey. I have had a lot weighing on my mind lately and I wonder..am I the only one who over-thinks and over-worries about things? It’s not to the point that I am anxious or anything. I just wonder..am I being the best Mom I can be? Am I doing enough for my kids? I am comfortaby wedged between both of my kids right now watching TV in my bed. They are super happy about it. I am sitting here thinking..WOW! I feel lazy! I should be teaching them something..or playing with them..or cooking them some amazing new recipe they would hardly eat! Or doing something to provide extra income for my family!

It takes SO much effort to try to be the perfect mom, wife, cook..keep the house spotless…stay fit. How do people do this!? I now see how super successful people hire others to do these things for them..so they can focus on pushing forward in this life. I have a lot of dreams..passions.. I do sit back and think wow..how am I going to accomplish all of this when it takes us 2 hours just to get the kids up and fed and ready for the day!?

We got struck with the stomach bug last weekend..Evalynn and I got hit hard. I didn’t even feel like myself completely until this morning. I was drained! Not only was I sick as a dog..but I had to sanitize the entire house. I finally got to the point of sanitizing all of the toys and I just gave up. It’s exhausting trying to keep the germs away! Luckily my husband and other daughter did not get it. But running around with bleach and making sure everyone’s hands are always washed properly is a bit exhausting! It didn’t help googling where all of the germs are hiding in my house. Plus side: even my light switches are now sanitized.

Moral of my story is..I just want to do it all..spend amazing time with friends and family..be the best Mom…have time to do amazing blogs..make time to do all the crafting I want..learn some amazing new recipes…plan a vacation!! DO WE ALL FEEL SO SPREAD THIN? How do you all deal with this?? Just accept there will never be enough time for it all? With two little girls tugging on my legs all day I suppose I will just stop and breathe them in for a bit..there’s time for everything later.


Side note: I think social media has a lot to do with this FOMO.. you see everyone else doing all of these things and you compare..it’s only normal. Before social media none of us knew what the other was doing..we just focused on our own lives and enjoying what we had instead of gawking at what everyone else has and is doing with their time. I also have to remember I have a 2 and 5 year old and that limits us a bit to what we can do with our day..their attention span is shorttttt!! As is my patience with them when out hahaha…xoxo Have a great rest of the week!!!!

A crafty obsession

Hobbies. Something we do in our spare time that we love. Something we CHOOSE to do but never have to do. Part of the joy of doing a hobby is you know nobody is making you do it. The downfall of a hobby is you get mad because you never have enough time to do it. (or maybe it’s just me who gets mad, I’m Italian..don’t judge) You wake up, you make breakfast for your family, you work, you take care of your kids, you clean, you run your errands. And then how much time do you have for this hobby? It never seems like enough, does it? I have a few things I enjoy doing.. that is what my blog is about – things I enjoy! Hair, beauty products, fashion, cooking, and crafting are my passions. My hobbies go in rotation..one will take precedence over the other. Unfortunately for my husband I am not always in cooking/baking mode. When I am in craft mode he gets PB&J…or tacos. Or nothing.

Right now…crafting has taken precedence over basically everything! Ever since I saw that article in my Redbook a few weeks back showing how to wrap rope around a dollar store basket..my life has changed. I literally want to wrap yarn around everything. It’s become a problem. I have been filling every corner of my house with yarn-embellished baskets and vases. I have even been skipping my workouts this week to finish projects! At least I am not gaining weight because my hands are too busy obsessively crafting to shovel unhealthy food in my face.

The fun part about crafting is there are endless possibilities to what you can make!! Especially when it comes to decorating baskets and vases…there are too many fun ways to craft! Pinterest has given me too many ideas. First I start searching for the task at hand…then I see all of these other ideas! Wrap yarn around a large wooden letter..wrap tweed around wine bottles…make your own flowers out of duct tape (which is super fun btw!). Before you know it I am at Michaels and the dollar store just throwing stuff in my cart because “I might need it for some future idea Pinterest might give me!” God forbid I see a pin like making coasters out of popsicle sticks and washi tape and I don’t have those on hand!?!? Panic attack!

Anyway..slow down Mary Ann..here are some of the things I have been making…


This was the easiest thing ever to make..I got the vase and flower at the dollar store and I wrapped some gray yarn I had laying around with a glue gun. You can also use craft glue or maybe even double sided tape to achieve this look I’m assuming. My cousin put this in her bathroom..


Below: This is a vase I made for my mom who loves the color orange more than monkeys love bananas. I got the rope and flower at Michaels and the vase and flower from the dollar store.

Below: gatorade bottles wrapped in yarn and decorative tape. Stuffed with dollar store flowers.

Above: These are the duct tape flowers..it was my first go at them eek!


Above: a small flower in an even smaller vase to dress up my daughter’s night stand.

Above: This was my favorite so far..I found the perfect yarn to match my camel colored leather couches and there is a touch of gold in the cream colored yarn I put at the top of the basket. I needed something to fill the empty corner in this room for the time being until we purchase accent chairs. Plus I needed somewhere to store that huge, comfy turquoise blanket!


Above: This was not technically a “craft”..but it was still cute enough to share. I put water and pearls in a small dollar store vase and cut a couple dollar store flowers to fit nicely in there. This is filling space in my powder room until we have time to decorate it.


That’s all for now!!! Back to Pinterest I go for more inspiration…

IPSY Updates

My favorite day of the month arrived over the weekend…IPSY day! Nothing makes me happier than seeing that bubbly hot pink package in my mailbox. I knew what was coming as I do every month..but it is still so exciting to whip out my 5 new favorite beauty products! I have not been disappointed yet. Well maybe a little disappointed..in one of my products this month. I received a liquid liner for my brows from Eyeko..and I was very excited. I need a new brow pencil, so I was most excited for this. It just felt wet on my brows, and doesn’t give them any particular shape. It almost looks like I just tinted my brows with hair dye or something. I like to make my brows look fuller and with this I didn’t feel I could alter the shape of my brows. I even tried them a second time this morning and ended up going over it with a fine brush with a brow shadow I have by N.Y.C. It’s my backeup brow go-to when I am running low on my other brow pencil.

I also received a  matte lip paint by Tartiest. I am not sold on this yet..the major plus of this is that it dries fast and does NOT come off afterwards! I actually have to use my jelly pong pong coconut coffee lip scrub to get this stuff off! (I also use this to get the dry flakes off of my lips as of recently, I got this in my February Ipsy bag). The downfall of this lip paint..it makes my lips feel dry, and the color ages me a bit. I need either a more girly pink/nude, or a hot red. They have a color called Cheerleader that I may try, since my red lipstick from MAC seems to come off pretty easily. After wearing this lip paint for a while today I got sick of my lips feeling dry, so I applied my trust fund beauty lip gloss in the shade unprofessional. This helped a lot and gave it a more youthful look. Here is what it looked like before I applied the gloss..

I received a lip gloss by them as well a couple Ipsy bags ago..I love the gloss! The applicator on their glosses and lip paints is amazing. It actually makes applying it fun..and easy! I never go outside the lines when using their lip products. Here is the glossy lip paint in wcw (berry)… (ignore that my nose looks like it belongs on an ogre on the second picture..bad angle but it shows the gloss quite well!)

The Desserted Island Cake Supreme Body Mousse smells AMAZING. I think it may be sold out for the time being but you can check that link to see if it is back in stock. The smell is my favorite thing ever and I bet everyone else agrees because they can’t keep it in stock! If you baked a caked then smothered it all over your body..that’s what you smell like after you apply this stuff (minus the mess and stickiness of real cake of course). Maybe bake a cake before you put this stuff on..the smell gives you major sweet cravings. Of course they gave me a sample so I am going to have to order a buttload of this after I run out.

As for the other 2 products..the PUR concealer and First Aid beauty face moisturizer..I will get back to you. I haven’t been using the face cream long enough to see results yet, and the concealer is not my color yet..maybe if the sun ever decides to shine in Michigan I can get a small tan and see if this stuff is worth using regularly. (please sun…shine on me, Michiganders deserve to have a Spring every once in a while)

Just a sidenote…nobody tells me to say this stuff or pays me to talk about their products so this is all my HONEST opinion. I love beauty products and looking/feeling beautiful and I am sure you guys do too! It doesn’t hurt to get someone’s opinion before purchasing a product you are wondering about! And if you haven’t tried IPSY yet..DO IT! It has opened up a whole new world to me!! I never knew what beauty products to try, never knew what was out there..until now. I look forward to next month’s bag and to share its beauteous contents with you fine people <3

Baby Shower fun

Yesterday I got to celebrate something so beautiful, the baby boy in my best friend’s belly. I have been a Mom for 5 years now, and to think she gets to soon experience the beautiful rollercoaster ride that is being a Mom, makes me feel all the feels. It was such a pretty shower! It was a nice change to see everything in blue! We had a lovely breakfast with mimosas, and I got to DRESS UP! I bought these BCBGeneration heels from DSW sooo many many months ago and never got a chance to wear them. I knew one day, they would get their pretty little soles on my feet. They have a touch of gold on them, so I wore some gold jewelry from Forever 21, and a Cache dress that I actually bought at a used clothing store called Style Encore. It was so so cold outside so I had to throw on some black tights. I saw another Instagram blogger post a picture with black tights and strappy pink heels over them. I figured if she can pull that off I can wear my shoes with some tights! My legs are not ready to reveal themselves yet!

I am not the biggest social butterfly these days, and I do not have a ton of close friends. I also don’t leave my kids much to go have a night out on the town, so I get excited when I get to throw the yoga pants off and dress like an adult! I must say I did enjoy it, but my feet were throbbing when I got home and I couldn’t wait to throw on my favorite sweats when I got home. I ran to Michael’s on my way home – so in my next post you will see some of the crafts that ended up being made when I got home!

My kitchen is my sanctuary

Everyone has a place they feel the most comfortable, most at peace. Your happy place. Where is your happy place? When we were searching for homes last year and decided to build, the first thing I looked at was the kitchen. I am a stay at home Mom who loves to cook..so this was the place I would spend most of my day. My girls and I spend at least an hour every morning in the kitchen eating breakfast, chatting, playing on the Ipad..or whatever it is that they want to do that morning. Add an hour or more in the afternoon for lunch, another hour or two for dinner..and we have spent 1/3 of our day in the kitchen! So of course I obsess about this room. It is the first thing I see in the morning, but it’s also the first thing people see when they walk into my house. I want people to feel warm and welcomed when they are in my kitchen. If you were to come over right now you would see fresh coffee, fresh baked muffins, the sun gleaming in through the windows, and Pandora softly playing from the speakers. It’s a beautiful thing.



Decorating the kitchen has been my favorite so far. From my black stainless KitchenAid appliances down to my cute little window sill, everything has been thoroughly thought out. This past week my husband spent all of his free time putting our cabinet hardware on. We ordered them from Lafata but you can find them on many other sites, including Amazon here. Similar pendants to the ones I have are here. I even found a great accent table to match them (hopefully a future purchase for us!) Colman Sphere Accent Table.




My window sill is one of my favorite things in my kitchen to decorate. I am sure I will re-decorate it often. Right now it’s just perfect. The clock, large S and “All things taste better with love” are all from Hobby Lobby. The centerpiece is from At Home..I bought the fake flowers separately and cut the stems real short. A good way to keep the flowers where you want them is to shove cotton balls in the vase..that way they stay where they are placed. BTW the cookbook I am reading is Cravings by Chrissy Teigen. She has an amazing meatloaf recipe in there! It is really good but if your kids are eating it you have to tone down the spice a bit!



By the way…have you guys seen Eco Flowers?? These things are amazing..they are the most beautifully hand-crafted flowers and would make a great centerpiece for a table or accent table! I hope to purchase something from them soon. I guess they were on shark tank and make these super real looking flower arrangements and décor from all biodegradable materials. Check their stuff out http://www.ecoflower.com. Stay tuned for more house projects to come!!


an H&M kinda day

My OOTD isn’t always the most exciting in the Winter months. I just want to be warm and comfortable. Most of my wardrobe is from Target or H&M. We had a lot of running around to do yesterday. I had to register both of my girls for school. I cannot believe I’m going to have one in Kindergarten and one in 3yr preschool! Time is going by way too fast. What am I going to do without my baby until 4 p.m. 5 days a week? And will she come home too tired to even want to spend time with me? The anxiety is high! I think once I see that she is adjusting well and enjoying herself I will be just fine too. Okay..maybe I won’t mind the extra time to get things done. Zola never got to have a lot of Mommy and me time. So we will definitely use the opportunity to spend some quality time together. Maybe even get her in dance or something fun! It is definitely going to be a new chapter. Every school year the schedule changes so much! In a couple years they will both be in school all day. I don’t even know what that will feel like!
My jeans and top are from H&M. The jeans were only 9.99!!! The top is DIVIDED. It is a nice loose shirt, which was fitting because I had eaten 4 Paczis in the last 24 hours. I didn’t get to get any on Fat Tuesday, so I ran to Kroger the next morning and pick some up! They are so good. They go down way too easy! The funny thing about these boots is when I bought them I wasn’t even sure I liked them and I almost gave them away so many times. And then one day they just grew on me! Now they are one of my top picks. They look cute with leggings and a dressy top or dress too!! I didn’t have a lot of time to mess with my hair, it was a mess from just letting it air-dry overnight. I threw some curls in it and put it in a side pony, and I braided the back a little bit to give it some style from the back as well!

Shop some affordable H&M skinnies here!!


a reality TV fueled ramble

I’m watching this show called Summer House on Bravo. And these people go to this house for the summer just to party and have fun. And obviously there is lots of hooking up. So this got me thinking, why hook up with randoms just for one night? Somebody you don’t have any real feelings for, and may never hang out with again, you spend the night with them. Is this because we all have this yearning to be wanted by somebody, anybody? So you hook up for that one night so you feel like somebody finds you attractive, or are they just a bunch of hornbills trying to fulfill a need? Same thing with people who cheat and go have a one-night stand and betray the person they are with. Everybody is just looking for that connection with somebody, they all just want to feel like they are special and yearned after. I do think (well I know) women and men are wired differently. Men hook up with random women because they are just fulfilling an urge. Women give in to these random hook-ups because this particular man made them feel special, attractive, one-of-a-kind. I wonder if I am the only one who sees it this way!? Men know if they make this woman feel super special she will give it up. Or are women just as bad as men!? There is no one answer to this I know. Everyone is different and I have always been accepting to all people.

I also watched The Bachelor tonight. (yes I watched a lot of TV tonight while crocheting haha…got the girls to bed early and had a private party with TV and yarn wahoo!) Anyway..these girls voluntarily go on a show and compete against a bunch of other women for a man’s heart! This show is actually socially acceptable and we watch it and root for our favorite woman. It is just so wrong!!! This is not how real life is!! I do believe some of the people on the show actually want to find the one..but that is not how you are supposed to find it. Tinder and other match sites…everyone is just raking through people until they find the perfect one. No wonder women lack confidence, we are always being compared to the next woman. Women do the same thing though.. what can this guy offer me compared to that one. I am 31 years old and who knows what I would be like if I was single and looking..I may be on the prowl too and obsessing over who can be the perfect match for me..letting guys on dating sites take me out and convince me I am the special one when they’ve done that to 5 other women that week. The Bachelor taught us this is ok..date multiple people until you are claimed..until you find the one.

I met my husband at 18..and I can honestly say whenever we were dating that I never once compared other men to him all the time..wondering if there could be better out there for me..someone who could offer me more. I would have lived in an apartment with him forever if that’s all we had. What always mattered is that he made me feel special and loved…appreciated. THAT is what is important!! Everything else is disposable..money, cars, nice things. It never mattered to me. Luckily we got out of that apartment and are living a beautiful life..but I never considered what kind of life he could give me when choosing him. He SEES me when he looks at me. He accepts all of me. That is what we want and look for in a mate. It is human nature. I have never met someone that said “no, I don’t want love.” We even do crazy things to find this connection..like go on a show with a crap ton of other women to compete for it!

That is the beauty of young love…we just want that passion, the kind only true love can bring. I do not blame single people 30+ for obsessing over the things I was too young to worry about though. We feel we should be somewhat established and financially secure at this age..and want our partner to be too. Especially because some people have had failed relationships or have kids from previous relationships to worry about as well, not just themselves. I just hope everyone can find true pure love like I have. A relationship based on love not THINGS is one that will last a lifetime.

I am not sure where this rant went, BUT!! I do know one thing…we are all fueled by this burning need inside of to be loved and accepted as who we are. It fuels our thoughts and actions. This is why I decided to start blogging. I love me and my life and I am not hiding who I am… I love to share it with people. I am an open book and feel I can help people just by being who I am. Maybe I can say or post something to inspire someone to try a new thing…or just be themselves and not apologize!!! xo