Sea Salt fail, and a little advertisement ranting

I got this oil in my Ipsy bag a couple months ago. It’s a Macadamia Oil Treatment. You can use it as a styling oil before you blow dry. But it gave me a recipe to make a sea salt spray with it. I figured hey why not give it a try. Does anybody else feel like they are just spraying water on their hair when they do this!? Like, I just went through all the trouble of blow drying and curling my hair, and now you want me to spray water on it? I wonder if this would work better on somebody with naturally curly hair. I was told to use one cup of warm water, 1 tablespoon sea salt and 1-2 teaspoons of the oil. I was so excited to make it and I am kind of sad that I wasn’t happy with the results. I left my hair feeling a little bit try to, I assume that was the sea salt. Maybe more of the oil would help counteract that and keep some moisture? Anyway, that was my experience with it! I would love to know if any of you you sea salt spray on your hair and if it is beneficial for you.


Another thing… I feel like all I see all over the internet is advertisements. I mean, I know we all have businesses to run and we are all trying to make it in this world. And hustling is part of that. But it is so hard to believe what is a good product and what is not in this world. And hustling is part of that. Even celebrities, all you see on their social media is unplugging this and that. Will we really do anything for a dollar? It is so hard to believe what is a good product and what is not because everybody is just advertising everything to death. So many hair vitamins, tanning products, skin products, makeup products. It is just hard to weed through all of it and figure out what are the good ones and what ones people are just trying to plug to make a quick dollar. There are so many MLM companies too..lipsense, R & F, essential oils, mascaras, lula roe, Amway, etc. People claiming that they are an entrepreneur when they sell this stuff. Being an entrepreneur means that you start your own business by creating your own product. Not by selling something somebody else created. I’m sure they are all great products and I do know people that sell each of those, so I’m definitely not dogging that. I just wonder how much of it is about the products and how much of it is about bragging about how much money you make selling your products so you can recruit people to do it with you. It just seems odd to me that people have to brag about how much money they are making selling a product. I definitely don’t like to talk about how much money I am bringing in, why do people selling these products feel the need to talk about that? I think this is just our generation. This is how people sell products now, especially stay-at-home moms who want to be able to work at home. I totally get it, I just can’t get myself to get into that world. The moral of this rant is I just don’t know what to spend my money on anymore, of course we all want great products I just want to make sure I am buying the right ones and putting my money into the right businesses. I wish everybody I know success! Whatever it is they choose to do. Ciao lovelies!

Ipsy Heaven

I was feelin’ kinda icky for a while there, and have been slacking on my posts. Feelin’ like “who’s going to read my posts anyway” “I have nothing interesting to say” “I look terrible I am not posting any selfies ever again.” HA! The selfie queen give up selfies? Who was I kidding. And then all the sudden..I get my groove back. It takes work to get your self confidence back up after talking yourself down. It takes steps. Work out more, eat better, get ready in the morning, put your makeup on etc. Eating better=better energy. Exercising=endorphins released=positive thoughts. We can’t give up on ourselves. I know I am not the only one who has negative thoughts, but the key is to not let them take over. Sure, go ahead and sulk for a couple days, but don’t let it become habit. Eating and exercising really do determine my moods. Too much sugar causes the sugar spikes which make me tired. Eating heavy makes me tired. I cut out fast food and even took sugar out of my coffee and smoothies for a few days. Eating small meals throughout the day has definitely helped. And an added bonus-my kids are on summer vacation hours! They have been sleeping in until 9 am or even later most days! I am a night owl so I appreciate this. Both of my girls passed out in the car at 5:30 pm yesterday for almost 2 hours. At first I thought “wow, this is going to be fun we can stay up late together!” …and then 11:30 pm came and they were still fighting sleep. Oh how it bit me in the butt! This time of year is so awesome though, isn’t it? It’s warm out til bedtime, it’s light out until 9 pm, everyone is outside playing and enjoying themselves. It brings out the happy in you even when you don’t want to be happy.

So, the point of this post-IPSY. My last bag was AWESOME! So many great products!!! The Cabana Boy Shadow/Blush was from a few months back, but is still one of my favorite blushes to wear.  This month I received a body lotion that feels like silk on your body and smells soooo amazing, it is called Delectable-coconut & cream. They sent me a pretty large bottle to sample too. It feels so good on my skin.  The Vasanti lip gloss really shocked me. It was not sticky at all, and gives me that WET look. A lot of lip glosses lack that. It really feels moisturizing on my lips as well. The bold brow by city color was a hit too! It comes with a medium and darker brown shade, so you can mix them to find your perfect shade. Some days I do the lighter color alone, and some days I do the darker alone to give a more dramatic look (when I have full makeup and hair done.) The eyeliner I received is really nice because it is waterproof but is super easy to get off with my Pond’s makeup remover. The only downfall of the pencil is I cannot get the sharp lines for the cat-eye look I so crave. I have to add the sharp edges in with one of my other eyeliners. The best eyeliner Ipsy has sent me is the EM Cosmetics felt tip has such a soft, pointy tip that I can achieve any kind of cat-eye I want. The only thing I was not super fond of was the Trust Fund beauty nail polish. It did not go on very smooth and took too long to dry, so the application just looked sloppy. I only use Essie nail polish, you cannot beat them!! If I am in a hurry I can throw one coat of Essie on to get me cy, and it dries super quick.

So all in all, I am having a blast trying all of these new beauty products. I can’t wait for next month! If any of you are not as happy with your Ipsy bags, make sure to review what they send you so they can better understand what kind of products you like. Have a great week!!!

Summer hair, summer salad

So here we are finally, warm weather has arrived. More like hot, sweat in places you don’t dare admit kind of weather. Am I the only one who has been tempted to throw their hair up in a messy bun everyday? As a hairstylist, it just feels wrong. Like I’ve thrown in the towel or something! Can’t give up..never give up! I’ve been trying to figure out ways to bear the heat, but also look somewhat presentable. I don’t mind my hair down, I just want it out of my face and I was sick of just tucking it behind my ears. I found something that looks cute, and keeps my hair out of my face. I just take a mohawk section on top of my head seperate it into 3 sections. And I twist them and pin simple! If I want to get real creative I will braid them. But not everybody can do that on themselves, twisting seems much simpler. And if I get super hot during the day I can put my hair in a low bun with this look and it still looks pretty cute.

It is also time to not be bloated season. This is hard for me because I do love my salt in my carbs, but I’m trying to cut back and all the yucky stuff right now. I actually managed to gain a few pounds recently and I think it’s because I have been experimenting with cooking. Must be all that naan! Darn you mediterranean fopd for being so good! It is time to think of light meals, like yummy salads! I experimented today and made a salad with dried cherries, apple chunks, Gorgonzola cheese, walnuts, chicken, and of course – lettuce. Why the only one that could do without lettuce and a salad? All of the add-ins are what I love to eat! For example, I love to just cut up tomatoes, cucumbers, and feta cheese and put some olive oil, lemon juice, and salt on it. So refreshing! For my salad dressing today I used 4 oz olive oil, 2 oz balsamic vinegar, and 2 oz red wine vinegar and seasoned the dressing with garlic powder, brown sugar, salt, and seasoned salt. This dressing is really good on a Greek salad too! I sauteed the chicken on a pan with half butter and olive oil. I seasoned the chicken with onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and seasoned salt. And was really good black and chicken! Tastes so good on a salad too or in a wrap.

Have a great rest of the week everyone!!

A Friday ramble

TGIF! Happy Friday everyone, I hope you all had a great week. I look forward to the weekend because I actually get to see my husband. We get no quality time during the week. And if I am lucky, my girls let me speak 5 words to him over the entire course of weekend. High maintenance little buggers. You can’t blame a 3 and 5 year old..they think “what can you do for me next.” I took my turn being a little selfish today and *gasp* actually blowdrying my hair. I worked out too! I spent most of my week cooking, potty training, and taking them here and there to keep them busy in my spare time. Because I, too, always think of what I can do for them next! Not to mention I am Evalynn’s only source of education since preschool ended. The dollar store had some great books to keep her going. She doesn’t mind stopping to practice her letters or whatever else I ask her. My girls are pretty good about going with the flow and I do appreciate them for that. They had no problem watching the movie Trolls on Netflix (can you believe this is already on Neflix btw!?) while I exercised and got myself ready. I have felt in a funk since Evalynn got out of school, trying to find my rhythm with the new schedule, trying to figure out when and how to run errands with 2 silly girls with me. It has been an adjustment, but we are figuring it out! But I do admit knowing they can keep busy while I do “my” stuff every day really makes me proud of them. I have a cutie next to me right now hugging me while eating her minion mac n cheese. “Let me watch you work” she says…I just love this little girl!

Zola has been through a lot this week with me with the whole potty training ordeal. We went without pull-ups for the most part for 3 days, but after her peeing on my carpeted stairs, my bonus room, and all over a chair, I had had enough of cleaning up pee! I am still on her butt about peeing constantly but the stress of not knowing when and where she was going to pee next was turning me into a mad person (more than I already am). I read this article about a couple ways to potty train. One was setting a timer every 15 minutes for 3 days and sitting your child on the potty. Zola was annoyed by me trying this. She was like “really Mom? Just peed..bugg off.”

Another article shocked me.. it said to go BOTTOMLESS for 3 months while at home (the kid :-D). This was just…no. My daughter would leave secret pee puddles all over my house if I did this. I do not have time to stare at my kid 24/7 to make sure she doesn’t dribble all over the darn place. I want to talk to people who have tried this and I want them to tell me that this was not a huge disaster. There has to be another way! I know there is another way because I didn’t do that for my oldest daughter.

Anywho I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I know I will..sunshine, family, friends, good food and alcohol..gosh I love Summer!!!

I got this tank on clearance at Target btw…they never disappoint. Super comfy, soft, and long tanks…score.

A pause for potty training

Happy Monday all! It’s kind of a depressing one because last Monday I was drinking a Not Your Mother’s Apple Pie beer (or 4) in the sunshine with loved ones..and this Monday…is so different. Day 1 of potty training my soon to be 3 year old. I have this deadline in my head where she needs to be potty trained by June 22. My oldest was potty trained a few months before she turned I am already behind. I have had her in pull-ups for a long time now and just needed to suck it up and put the big girl panties on (her AND me!) and just DO IT.
Why have I been putting this off you ask? Why would I wait until a few weeks before her birthday to finally get her out of diapers? Well if you are a mom who has potty trained your child you know the exact answer to this question. You have to put life on hold and stare at them all day to make sure they don’t pee all over your house. And ask them every 15 minutes if they have to pee. And make sticker charts and promise them money, candy, new toys, a new car right when they turn 16. Whatever it takes you will give it to them!
So today, life has been put on hold. I focus just on my little ones bladder control. I’m hoping for the best so we don’t have to spend too many days like this. The house is going to turn into chaos it just takes too long! I have to let my OCD go (and let the house go) because the payoff to her being potty trained will be so great. She is only been awake about four hours and she has already peed 5 times (one time was on my carpeted stairs but the other times we made it to the potty yay!). They pee so often at this age!
It’s so funny how invested you become and potty training. When they fail at it, you feel like you failed. The disappointment I felt when she peed herself today was kind of hilarious. I wanted to cry. I asked her one minute prior if she had to pee and she said no. And then she peed herself. I was mad at myself for not running her to the potty anyways!
I realize I have not blogged in a couple weeks and then when I finally do I am sitting here ranting about potty training. But this is my life. And when you have kids these are the things you invest your time in. I have not had time to blog or craft lately, life just got in the way. It hit me last night when my oldest asked me if I was ever going to craft again. It kind of made me sad because I realized I have not put in much time towards my hobbies, even exercising the past couple weeks. But I will get back on track! I ate a healthy breakfast and got a little exercise in this morning. I have lots of healthy food in my fridge. When I take care of myself physically I feel amazing mentally so I know I need to get that back on track. As for crafting, I plan on putting my stuff in a flea market a couple times this summer. Even though I have to get there super early in the morning it will be nice to get out and now I’m doing something for myself. And if I sell some of my vases, that is a bonus! If I don’t, I will still be happy I went. It will be a fun atmosphere for me.
This is life, especially as a mom. Sometimes you focus a lot on yourself, sometimes most of your focus is on your kids, your chores, your family. And then all the sudden a gap opened up where you realize you do have that time to spend on just yourself. I miss blogging about fitness and fashion and all of that, and I know I will get back to that very soon, when I feel glamorous again. But for now, kids are my priority. I can’t wait to kiss those diapers goodbye!
Okay, time for me to go ask my kid if she has to pee again 😀 wish me luck, and I wish you all the best of luck on your week and staying positive and enjoying the beautiful weather.