A constant work in progress

As humans, we strive to be the best version of ourselves, right? I definitely feel like I am always a work in progress. And I actually, now that I am in my 30s, I can say that I do enjoy getting older. I thought I would be scared of these days but every year that passes I’ve become a better version of myself, and in turn it makes me a better mother and wife. And it increases my self love as well. I try to always work out better than the day before, cook a healthier meals than the day before, do a new activity with my children.
It’s funny how you learn some things and you wonder how you lived before you learned them. Even small things, like finding a recipe that I don’t know how I lived without. Or an eyeliner you LOVE! Or a new workout routine. Like when I found fitnessblender on YouTube 2 years ago they totally changed my life. And because of them I have been able to consistently exercise. I used to take body pump classes a couple times a week for about six months. I am so thankful for those classes because I built muscle that I never had before. But I wasn’t able to fit it into my schedule or budget any longer so I am so glad I am able to work out at home now. I feel like working out at home is becoming kind of trendy now. Beachbody/21-day fix is super popular. Honestly, I’m sure those workouts are great but I just don’t think I would be able to do those without getting bored. And I like to be able to be in control of my diet.

So anyway, I was strolling through YouTube the other day and I found another set of videos. I feel is going to take Fitness to a whole new level for me. I found a woman who made Fitness Dance videos, not Zumba but similar I suppose. I could not wait to go to sleep after I found this one because I just wanted to wake up and work out to her videos! She picks the most amazing songs and her routines are pretty easy to follow! After only three songs I was dripping in sweat and had to jump in the shower inmediately. And the now..I am SO sore!! The level of my soreness is showing me that I really needed to mix up my routine because I was in a slump and doing the same workouts for too long and I was not challenging my body. This is just the challenge I needed! Check her videos out here!! I have always loved to dance, and when I was dancing to her videos I just felt…sexy! Like a woman should! I fell in tune with myself and my body. I can’t wait to continue these videos and check in with you guys and see how my mind/body changes. I wish you guys an amazing rest of the week, keep working on yourselves and trying to be the best you! Everyone around you will thank you for it, and it is the best feeling knowing you did something small to improve YOU. I hope my posts have inspired you guys to try something new!

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Family Time

Ahhh…the weekend. It came and went so fast. I love when Friday rolls around because I know the next 2 mornings I get to wake up next to my husband (just kidding..I wake up in Evalynn’s bed most of the time because she comes downstairs and steals my bed and husband from me). I wouldn’t totally mind this because I love sleeping alone, but her room is upstairs and mine is on the first floor..so her room is HOT at night. Hmm..no wonder she comes down to my bed, it all makes sense now! Zola is 3 and has never tried to sleep in our bed yet. I am waiting for the day she realizes she can sneak down there in the middle of the night. Last night she sat at the top of the stairs at 5 am saying “I want an egg!!!!” I was like yeah,..no kid. And scratched her back for 30 seconds and she passed back out til 9:30 am.

But yeah, the weekend. Love it. I love making breakfast for everyone and trying so hard to all sit down at the same time and enjoy a meal together. That doesn’t happen often. Friday night Z ended up golfing so I ran to my parents house with the girls for a few hours. I love going there. They live on a huge lot and it is just soo peaceful out there..you feel like you are up north..but really I am only 15 minutes from home! My girls love it there. Evalynn loves “exploring” with her Papa. Mostly exploring bugs and trying to catch butterflies and grasshoppers and trap them in a jar…the poor dears. Their garden is really starting to bloom, so I got to take some yummy produce home. Seriously, if you saw this garden you wouldn’t believe your eyes. They grow so many things. My parents are bosses when it comes to gardening. That summer she was just giving me bags of things like please find somebody who wants this stuff because there is too much! Hahaha. I took a ton of basil to make pesto sauce for the next night. My mother-in-law spent Saturday night-Sunday with us so I wanted to make a yummy homemade meal for us. My mother-in-law is awesome..she is my ride or die chick. She totally goes with the flow and has fun every second of the way. Whatever we want to do, she is like “ok, yeah, lets do it!” We mostly relaxed and watched the girls play, ate a delicious meal with some wine. The next morning I made us breakfast and we took the girls to the mall to play in the ittle play area and run through the fountains. They love going there. We got lunch at Brio afterwards..their food is SO good. They make this steak salad that has a homemade horseradish sauce and a yummy balsamic glaze on top of that. It has pecans, gorgonzola, mushrooms…..it’s just yum. I love going there because they give you unlimited bread and butter (my daughters’ favorite food). Evalynn gets all sassy if her butter runs out too…she is like “where is my refillll!!!!”

Moral of this post is…weekends are awesome, and I would rather spend them with family than anyone. I hate going too long without seeing my parents..and Eva and Zola are super close to them too so I hate to keep them away, Same with my in-laws. They love their Baba and Teta. And the feeling is mutual. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law enjoy every second with them and are so good to them. I think it’s important for them to feel that love and closeness with others..not just me and Z. I melt watching them bond with their grandparents and Aunts and Uncles. I want them to know how important family is and how they always come first before anything. I want them to look back at their childhood and have fond memories of being with their family often.

What is everyone’s favorite part of the weekend? Sleeping in, eating with family, being with friends, being lazy, etc..I would love to hear!! Have a great week everyone..Monday has been conquered..wahhoo!!!



A minnie birthday

Birthday parties for our kids…we try to make them such a memorable event for our kids (funny thing is they probably won’t remember any of them at their ages now…3 and 5). We spend the whole month prior trying to plan what we are going to feed people, what kind of theme the party is going to have, what things we will have to do for people that come over. It all gets a bit stressful for the me. And then on my loved ones come over and I realize how worth it it all is! My friends and family are so amazing too, I do so much work before the party that once the party starts I get kind of lazy. And they totally pick up the slack for me. Help with the kids, the dishes, cutting the cake and serving ice cream because Zola wouldn’t detach from me. My people are amazing. Zola decided she wanted a Minnie Mouse birthday, so that is what we did. I got some upcycled wine bottles and spray painted them black and made them look like Minnie Mouse bottles. And I painted a few pink to make a centerpiece for our kitchen table too. I kept it simple when it came to decorations, I felt like that was enough other than a couple of small things. Zola was so cute..she got tired of all the commotion and went upstairs and passed out in the lazy boy upstairs! We were all laughing..she loves her alone time, always has. She always asks to go to one of our rocking chairs to watch her ipad and relax…alone. She was woken up at the party shortly after by screaming kids of course…just in time for cake and presents. We got a bounce house this year, and it started storming the afternoon of the party and I freaked out that we weren’t going to get to use it! Thank goodness mother nature got her sh*t together and the storm passed and everyone helped get the water out of the Bounce House. The kids had a blast in it all day!!! And us old folks(lol) had a blast too! Lots of yummy treats and adult drinks..it’s not all about the kids yo!!! We need to have fun too! Zola is lucky she has the summer birthday. Evalynn’s birthdays are in the Winter are pretty low-key at our house! We just sit around and eat and hang out…by the warm fireplace! Ugh..I don’t even want to think about Winter yet..Summer us too yummy. Late nights, cold drinks, salads, late night trips to the park and to get ice cream. It’s going to be so hard getting my kids back in school schedule!! This will be our first year of school Monday-Friday and I am nervous! Time to get my butt in gear…I knew this day would have to come eventually. I don’t want to even go there yet…save that for another anxiety filled post!