A constant work in progress

As humans, we strive to be the best version of ourselves, right? I definitely feel like I am always a work in progress. And I actually, now that I am in my 30s, I can say that I do enjoy getting older. I thought I would be scared of these days but every year that passes I’ve become a better version of myself, and in turn it makes me a better mother and wife. And it increases my self love as well. I try to always work out better than the day before, cook a healthier meals than the day before, do a new activity with my children.
It’s funny how you learn some things and you wonder how you lived before you learned them. Even small things, like finding a recipe that I don’t know how I lived without. Or an eyeliner you LOVE! Or a new workout routine. Like when I found fitnessblender on YouTube 2 years ago they totally changed my life. And because of them I have been able to consistently exercise. I used to take body pump classes a couple times a week for about six months. I am so thankful for those classes because I built muscle that I never had before. But I wasn’t able to fit it into my schedule or budget any longer so I am so glad I am able to work out at home now. I feel like working out at home is becoming kind of trendy now. Beachbody/21-day fix is super popular. Honestly, I’m sure those workouts are great but I just don’t think I would be able to do those without getting bored. And I like to be able to be in control of my diet.

So anyway, I was strolling through YouTube the other day and I found another set of videos. I feel is going to take Fitness to a whole new level for me. I found a woman who made Fitness Dance videos, not Zumba but similar I suppose. I could not wait to go to sleep after I found this one because I just wanted to wake up and work out to her videos! She picks the most amazing songs and her routines are pretty easy to follow! After only three songs I was dripping in sweat and had to jump in the shower inmediately. And the now..I am SO sore!! The level of my soreness is showing me that I really needed to mix up my routine because I was in a slump and doing the same workouts for too long and I was not challenging my body. This is just the challenge I needed! Check her videos out here!! I have always loved to dance, and when I was dancing to her videos I just felt…sexy! Like a woman should! I fell in tune with myself and my body. I can’t wait to continue these videos and check in with you guys and see how my mind/body changes. I wish you guys an amazing rest of the week, keep working on yourselves and trying to be the best you! Everyone around you will thank you for it, and it is the best feeling knowing you did something small to improve YOU. I hope my posts have inspired you guys to try something new!

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