A Friday ramble

TGIF! Happy Friday everyone, I hope you all had a great week. I look forward to the weekend because I actually get to see my husband. We get no quality time¬†during the week. And if I am lucky, my girls let me speak 5 words to him over the entire course of weekend. High maintenance little buggers. You can’t blame a 3 and 5 year old..they think “what can you do for me next.” I took my turn being a little selfish today and *gasp* actually blowdrying my hair. I worked out too! I spent most of my week cooking,¬†potty training, and taking them here and there to keep them busy in my spare time. Because I, too, always think of what I can do for them next! Not to mention I am Evalynn’s only source of education since preschool ended. The dollar store had some great books to keep her going. She doesn’t mind stopping to practice her letters or whatever else I ask her. My girls are pretty good about going with the flow and I do appreciate them for that. They had no problem watching the movie Trolls on Netflix (can you believe this is already on Neflix btw!?) while I exercised and got myself ready. I have felt in a funk since Evalynn got out of school, trying to find my rhythm with the new schedule, trying to figure out when and how to run errands with 2 silly girls with me. It has been an adjustment, but we are figuring it out! But I do admit knowing they can keep busy while I do “my” stuff every day really makes me proud of them. I have a cutie next to me right now hugging me while eating her minion mac n cheese. “Let me watch you work” she says…I just love this little girl!

Zola has been through a lot this week with me with the whole potty training ordeal. We went without pull-ups for the most part for 3 days, but after her peeing on my carpeted stairs, my bonus room, and all over a chair, I had had enough of cleaning up pee! I am still on her butt about peeing constantly but the stress of not knowing when and where she was going to pee next was turning me into a mad person (more than I already am). I read this article about a couple ways to potty train. One was setting a timer every 15 minutes for 3 days and sitting your child on the potty. Zola was annoyed by me trying this. She was like “really Mom? Just peed..bugg off.”

Another article shocked me.. it said to go BOTTOMLESS for 3 months while at home (the kid :-D). This was just…no. My daughter would leave secret pee puddles all over my house if I did this. I do not have time to stare at my kid 24/7 to make sure she doesn’t dribble all over the darn place. I want to talk to people who have tried this and I want them to tell me that this was not a huge disaster. There has to be another way! I know there is another way because I didn’t do that for my oldest daughter.

Anywho I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I know I will..sunshine, family, friends, good food and alcohol..gosh I love Summer!!!

I got this tank on clearance at Target btw…they never disappoint. Super comfy, soft, and long tanks…score.