A pause for potty training

Happy Monday all! It’s kind of a depressing one because last Monday I was drinking a Not Your Mother’s Apple Pie beer (or 4) in the sunshine with loved ones..and this Monday…is so different. Day 1 of potty training my soon to be 3 year old. I have this deadline in my head where she needs to be potty trained by June 22. My oldest was potty trained a few months before she turned 3..so I am already behind. I have had her in pull-ups for a long time now and just needed to suck it up and put the big girl panties on (her AND me!) and just DO IT.
Why have I been putting this off you ask? Why would I wait until a few weeks before her birthday to finally get her out of diapers? Well if you are a mom who has potty trained your child you know the exact answer to this question. You have to put life on hold and stare at them all day to make sure they don’t pee all over your house. And ask them every 15 minutes if they have to pee. And make sticker charts and promise them money, candy, new toys, a new car right when they turn 16. Whatever it takes you will give it to them!
So today, life has been put on hold. I focus just on my little ones bladder control. I’m hoping for the best so we don’t have to spend too many days like this. The house is going to turn into chaos it just takes too long! I have to let my OCD go (and let the house go) because the payoff to her being potty trained will be so great. She is only been awake about four hours and she has already peed 5 times (one time was on my carpeted stairs but the other times we made it to the potty yay!). They pee so often at this age!
It’s so funny how invested you become and potty training. When they fail at it, you feel like you failed. The disappointment I felt when she peed herself today was kind of hilarious. I wanted to cry. I asked her one minute prior if she had to pee and she said no. And then she peed herself. I was mad at myself for not running her to the potty anyways!
I realize I have not blogged in a couple weeks and then when I finally do I am sitting here ranting about potty training. But this is my life. And when you have kids these are the things you invest your time in. I have not had time to blog or craft lately, life just got in the way. It hit me last night when my oldest asked me if I was ever going to craft again. It kind of made me sad because I realized I have not put in much time towards my hobbies, even exercising the past couple weeks. But I will get back on track! I ate a healthy breakfast and got a little exercise in this morning. I have lots of healthy food in my fridge. When I take care of myself physically I feel amazing mentally so I know I need to get that back on track. As for crafting, I plan on putting my stuff in a flea market a couple times this summer. Even though I have to get there super early in the morning it will be nice to get out and now I’m doing something for myself. And if I sell some of my vases, that is a bonus! If I don’t, I will still be happy I went. It will be a fun atmosphere for me.
This is life, especially as a mom. Sometimes you focus a lot on yourself, sometimes most of your focus is on your kids, your chores, your family. And then all the sudden a gap opened up where you realize you do have that time to spend on just yourself. I miss blogging about fitness and fashion and all of that, and I know I will get back to that very soon, when I feel glamorous again. But for now, kids are my priority. I can’t wait to kiss those diapers goodbye!
Okay, time for me to go ask my kid if she has to pee again 😀 wish me luck, and I wish you all the best of luck on your week and staying positive and enjoying the beautiful weather.