Casadetti..casadedi..potstickers..or whatever

Cooking for me has been quite the journey. Sometimes all I want to do is cook, and sometimes the thought of it ticks me off because let’s be a good homemade meal can be extremely time consuming. I am so inconsistent I swear! My poor husband probably doesn’t understand why sometimes he comes home to seven course meal and other times I am like can I just make you a really good salad? The days I am crafting a ton or doing a lot of activities with my girls I actually resent that I have to feed my clan multiple times a day. They always want something!!
Anywho..what I like to cook also changes periodically ( mostly because my taste buds are all over the place ) ..earlier this year all I wanted to do was cook Asian dishes. Sesame Chicken was my favorite..with Mongolian Beef coming in at a close second.. if you search my cooking posts I am sure you will find the links to both of those!
Last week I was into the middle eastern food, if you read my previous post about Mother’s Day you will see all of the fun things I made! I am still on a tabouli kick. I also love making the homemade naan. I even bought a ton of garlic yesterday because I want to try to make that garlic sauce that they dip the naan in to. I have had it at restaurants and they make it so delicious I really hope I can master this one at home to! These past couple weeks I have also been into making the homemade pasta. I needed some practice at making homemade pasta dough, so I figured why not do it since I have the time! I ended up making potsticker-like pasta. I have to be honest I didn’t even know what potstickers were until I made them and had a friend try them and she said that’s what they tasted like! I had to Google it just to see what these are all about ha!! I usually boil the homemade ravioli like noodles but I was scared that the dough was too thin this time so I ended up frying them and it ended up being the most amazing thing I have ever tasted! I topped him with melted butter mixed with parmesan but they were good even without that topping. They were so good that I had to make more dough today and make a bunch to freeze! That way whenever I crave them I can throw a few on the pan. Making homemade pasta is very time consuming but for me it is therapeutic. You just need patience and a few hours of free time. I use: 4 cups flour, 2-3 eggs, 1 tsp olive oil, and I add (slowly) as much water as it takes to get a nice firm dough. For the filling I fried a little over 1 lb of pork with garlic and salt in a pan. After that was fully cooked I drained it and added it to a bowl with one egg, breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, thyme, and rosemary. After this I rolled the pasta out to the right thickness and used a plastic cup to make circles in the dough and stuffed them with a pork mixture and closed them by hand. I learned from my Mom and Grandma how to do this to fancy way, but if you want a simple way to close them you can just fold the circle and half and pinch them closed, or you can use one of those pastry cutters to close it. The way I sid it is called Cassadeti..or Casadedi..the spelling is up in the air for these! It has been a delicious couple of weeks that is for sure. We made noodles with the leftover dough, my daughter was so excited to help make linguine. She did a great job with the pasta machine too. I think it’s important to involve our kids in stuff like this, although it did make the process last a lot longer, she felt like she was really involved and helping. And probably learned a thing or two! I may not be the best pasta teacher, but I’m all shes got 😀