A $10 Shopping Spree

If you had a spare $10 in your pocket, what would you do with it? Buy a coffee and a snack? Get lunch? Anyone that knows me knows I love a good deal. And I can sure make $10 stretch if I have to. And anyone that knows me also knows that I love Salvation Army. They have deals every week that whatever color tag they choose is 50% off that item, or 5 for $5. Today I got super lucky and found 10 items at I love all in the color tag that was on sale! I got 10 pieces of clothing for $10! I added up all of the original prices on the tags if they were not 5/$5, and I would have spent $75 on all of these things. And while that is still a good deal for 10 items, $10 is a WAY better deal!! My husband rolls his eyes when I come home with these good deals. To a guy is probably a funny thing, but my fellow bargain shoppers know how much more fun it is to come home with multiple items rather than one or two expensive items. Will I be wearing these items to an event? Of course not, but for a mom who is home with kids every day, these are the perfect items for me. They may have been somebody else’s before mine but they are in perfect condition.

Of the 10 items I found were: Hollister jeans (I don’t try things on when I buy from Salvation Army especially when things are $1 each, but these jeans fit surprisingly well!), American Eagle jeans, an Aeropostale plaid shirt (I have never gotten into this trend but I do like how they looked tied around my waist, I am a very plain jane when it comes to dressing. I like solid colors), A maternity pink sequined sweater (yes I said maternity! It definitely didn’t fit like maternity, it was just much longer which will be great to wear with leggings on a cold day), a Forever 21 t-shirt, a Columbia pink pullover, an American Eagle white shirt with pretty cool back, an H&M 3/4 button up, and an Old Navy owl sweater. Notice a lot of the things I found are well-known brands! Now that my oldest is in school all day ( that’s a whole other blog post! Stay tuned) it is so much easier for me to browse stores with just the little one. This could be very dangerous at times but today it came in handy. As I have said in posts before if you are usually not a bargain shopper or scared of the manyyyy racks at Salvation Army, if you have an hour free give it a go! You might find your next favorite clothing item there. Happy shopping!!

Tulle dress-up

Hey all! Did everyone have a good weekend!? I got to get all dolled up for a wedding which is always super fun for a girl! If you followed my previous blog post about how to dress down a fancy dress..well last night I got to wear the tulle dress in all it’s dressy glory! I almost changed before we left because I almost felt like I looked too young..or silly. But then I remembered that I don’t care what people think of what I wear! It made me feel sassy and girly and fun!! I paired it with rose gold accessories from Charming Charlie and my BCBGeneration heels. The shoes were a perfect fit and gave it the perfect kick the dress needed. I think this dress would eveb be appropriate for a less dressy occasion paired with ballet flats. The flats give it a more casual appeal. I got some snapshots at the hall by this beautiful chandelier..I felt like a princess.
And bonus..my hair was working with me! It’s getting longer and it makes me so happy! I want it to grow another 6 inches…I just love love long hair and all of the styling possibilities that come with it. I always curl each section in opposite directions, it helps give a more textured look. If you curl each section away from your face..or each section towards your face, the curls all kind of turn into one big curl by the end of the night.
I can’t wait to get all dressed up again for the next occasion! It sure beat lounging around in yoga pants. Although I am rocking yogas right now..suuuuper comfy.

Tulle dress-down

Those who know me know I dance to the beat of my own drum. Not in the rebellious way, I do like to follow the rules because I’m a bit of a scaredy cat-worrier at times. But when it comes to fashion, hair, makeup I have always loved to try new things. I do love to stand out in a crowd. They call it attention-whore in this generation, but why does wanting to stand out and make an impact make you an attention whore? I want to reach people, motivate them to dance to their own beat! You love blue lip gloss but scared to wear it? Wear that ish! Rock it at the grocery store even! It will feel invigorating.

I colored my ends pink the other day, and it is washing out at a fast pace. I wanted to embrace the last of my pink hair by wearing a sassy outfit today. If you follow my Instagram you will see I posted a couple pictures of tulle skirts recently, I have been on the search for the perfect tulle skirt! It was hard to find locally because it wasn’t exactly Spring yet, and I was too scared to order one online because I always seem to be disappointed when I try that.
I was shopping at the mall with my girls the other day and I was in Forever 21, and there were two tulle dresses randomly hanging on a rack. One was pink, and an XL. But I saw a black one that caught my eye, and it was in my size and super affordable at 34.99! We have a wedding in a couple weeks and I thought this would be perfect to wear! I can sport the tulle skirt I have been looking for for so long!

But today, I was looking at that that dress thinking why can’t I wear it now, why wait for a special occasion to wear something I so love! I threw on my Converse and my Mossimo jean vest. I even started digging through my hair accessories. I found a headband that I loved but when I put it on it squeezed my head so hard it made me look like I had a balloon on the top of my head. So I cut the elastic part of the headband off and just bobby pinned it in my hair. Perfect!

Don’t be scared to get all dolled up for no reason, it made me feel good today and it can do the same for you! And my girls had fun throwing some dresses on today too, I inspired them to be all girly and fun today!

Also, you can do this to a lot of dresses or skirts that you own, throw on some combat boots or tennis shoes with a jean jacket/vest, leather jacket or whatever and it will make it look more like day-wear rather than an evening look. Now go try something out of your comfort zone! It will feel so good, promise. xo

I couldn’t find the dress I bought in a store online, but here are some other options from¬†Forever 21.

fresh hair, new kicks

Today started off a little rough. My daughter didn’t want to go to gymnastics and we ended up leaving with her kicking and screaming. I couldn’t force her to go back in to her class, but I could take away the afternoon of fun I promised her afterwards: a day at the outdoor mall. It was hard to take that away because her little sister and I were really looking forward to it too! Why do we have to suffer for her bad fortune dang it!!!

This whole parenting thing is tough..and my oldest has tested me since birth..she is super full of emotion and uses it to test my every nerve right until bedtime. She is in for a rude awakening come Kindergarten…people aren’t going to be catering to her every move. Anyway..she promised to make up her class on another day this week and we will give the mall another go. Wish us luck!

Since I had my afternoon free, I decided to touch up my ombre a bit. If that sentence confuses you, I added some brighter highlights to the ends of my hair…hahaha! Sometimes I need to freshen the hair up, especially for a new season!! I also added in a select few rose.gold pieces that no one will notice..I will need to add a few more pink pieces in soon..which will be easy because I color my hair myself!!! I am my pickiest client ūüėÄ

Target had their shoes buy one get one 1/2 off yesterday..which was perfect because my youngest girl and I needed some new kicks! I found these awesome slip-on sneakers in gray and they are super comfortable..especially at the ankles. I can’t wait to rock them all Summer with shorts. They look great with pants and yogas too! Of course I had to buy some gray shirts to match them (I have a matchy matchy problem). Luckily clearance had some cute options! I realize the tank is meant for St. Pattys day..but I am gonna sport it all Summer anyway! I love the shorts too because they are that perfect length..not too short not too tight! You can find the shoes¬†here. Their shoes are still bogo half off right now too!! The hats I am rocking in the pics are from last Summer. The gray one is from Target, and the black one is Express. As you all know I bargain shop so I found the Target hat on Poshmark and the Express one at a second hand store. Target has a ton of cute floppy hats,¬†check them out here!!¬†My shorts can be found¬†here.¬†Happy shopping! I wish you all great hair and shoes for the season!!

Here is a side profile of my hair color..if you’ve never tried ombre before..try it! I keep my roots natural so I only touch up my hair when I WANT to.

Bargain Shopping

Once a season I like to shop around to find some good deals on clothing and/or shoes for the upcoming season. In this case…I need to prepare for Spring! Usually this involves me checking out Target (especially clearance rack) and Salvation Army. I dont know if any of you are above consignment stores. I am such a fan of resale shops! I actually intend on finding more near me that I can pick through. And I don’t say that lightly..you have to PICK through so many racks of clothes before finding a gem. I found a lot of great summer clothes for my 5 year old at a couple resale shops around me. I am talking like 10 skirts and 10 shirts for 99c-1.99 each! People get rid of some great stuff and I love finding it! I don’t get as lucky when it comes to finding clothing for me though. I found one dress and one shirt that I love and will wear over and over this Spring.

Target will be my go-to for shorts and sandals this season. I found my signature black and white flip flops to get me through to the end of Summer.  Every once in a while you have to toss your old ones and replace..am I right! The black flip flops are Mossimo and the white ones are Sam & Libby. The black sandals I purchased last Summer from Sam & Libby killed my feet..so I am hoping for the best with these white ones! I like the material because they can get wet and can be washed easily. The black ones on the other hand I have to be more careful with.

The floral dress is Divided from H&M and the striped dress is Rue 21. I am iffy about this one..it’s at a weird length for me. It makes me look shorter than I am..and it’s a bit form fitting which did not serve me well tonight after downing my homemade Calzones! (so worth it though) The tank top I am wearing with my pink Under Armour leggings is also from a resale shop. It is Old Navy active wear. I found both of my new tanks in the kid section at Salvation Army! How funny is that! The multi colored tank is Mossimo brand. I paired it with the blue skirt (Delia’s brand but also found at Salvation Army for only 1.99!) I think they purposely sneak in tanks for the moms while in the kid section to make us happy as we are sifting through hundreds of kids clothes…ha!

I am pleased with my finds but have a lot more searching to do! I will probably hit up Target and H&M before the weather breaks to make sure I am ready for warm weather!

Before you guys go splurging on Summer clothes..take an afternoon to check out your nearby resale shops..there are some hidden gems in them! I do admit the thrill of the chase is the fun part..but if you find even one essential item for the season it will be well worth it!

IPSY Updates

My favorite day of the month arrived over the weekend…IPSY day! Nothing makes me happier than seeing that bubbly hot pink package in my mailbox. I knew what was coming as I do every month..but it is still so exciting to whip out my 5 new favorite beauty products! I have not been disappointed yet. Well maybe a little disappointed..in one of my products this month. I received a liquid liner for my brows from Eyeko..and I was very excited. I need a new brow pencil, so I was most excited for this. It just felt wet on my brows, and doesn’t give them any particular shape. It almost looks like I just tinted my brows with hair dye or something. I like to make my brows look fuller and with this I didn’t feel I could alter the shape of my brows. I even tried them a second time this morning and ended up going over it with a fine brush with a¬†brow shadow I have by N.Y.C. It’s my backeup brow go-to when I am running low on my other brow pencil.

I also received a  matte lip paint by Tartiest. I am not sold on this yet..the major plus of this is that it dries fast and does NOT come off afterwards! I actually have to use my jelly pong pong coconut coffee lip scrub to get this stuff off! (I also use this to get the dry flakes off of my lips as of recently, I got this in my February Ipsy bag). The downfall of this lip paint..it makes my lips feel dry, and the color ages me a bit. I need either a more girly pink/nude, or a hot red. They have a color called Cheerleader that I may try, since my red lipstick from MAC seems to come off pretty easily. After wearing this lip paint for a while today I got sick of my lips feeling dry, so I applied my trust fund beauty lip gloss in the shade unprofessional. This helped a lot and gave it a more youthful look. Here is what it looked like before I applied the gloss..

I received a lip gloss by them as well a couple Ipsy bags ago..I love the gloss! The applicator on their glosses and lip paints is amazing. It actually makes applying it fun..and easy! I never go outside the lines when using their lip products. Here is the glossy lip paint in wcw (berry)… (ignore that my nose looks like it belongs on an ogre on the second picture..bad angle but it shows the gloss quite well!)

The Desserted Island Cake Supreme Body Mousse¬†smells AMAZING. I think it may be sold out for the time being but you can check that link to see if it is back in stock. The smell is my favorite thing ever and I bet everyone else agrees because they can’t keep it in stock! If you baked a caked then smothered it all over your body..that’s what you smell like after you apply this stuff (minus the mess and stickiness of real cake of course). Maybe bake a cake before you put this¬†stuff on..the smell gives you major sweet cravings. Of course they gave me a sample so I am going to have to order a buttload of this after I run out.

As for the other 2 products..the PUR concealer and First Aid beauty face moisturizer..I will get back to you. I haven’t been using the face cream long enough to see results yet, and the concealer is not my color yet..maybe if the sun ever decides to shine in Michigan I can get a small tan and see if this stuff is worth using regularly. (please sun…shine on me, Michiganders deserve to have a Spring every once in¬†a while)

Just a sidenote…nobody tells me to say this stuff or pays me to talk about their products so this is all my HONEST opinion. I love beauty products and looking/feeling beautiful and I am sure you guys do too! It doesn’t hurt to get someone’s opinion before purchasing a product you are wondering about! And if you haven’t tried IPSY yet..DO IT! It has opened up a whole new world to me!! I never knew what beauty products to try, never knew what was out there..until now. I look forward to next month’s bag and to share its beauteous contents with you fine people <3

Baby Shower fun

Yesterday I got to celebrate something so beautiful, the baby boy in my best friend’s belly. I have been a Mom for 5 years now, and to think she gets to soon experience the beautiful rollercoaster ride that is being a Mom, makes me feel all the feels. It was such a pretty shower! It was a nice change to see everything in blue! We had a lovely breakfast with mimosas, and I got to DRESS UP! I bought these BCBGeneration heels from DSW sooo many many months ago and never got a chance to wear them. I knew one day, they would get their pretty little soles on my feet. They have a touch of gold on them, so I wore some gold jewelry from Forever 21, and a Cache dress that I actually bought at a used clothing store called Style Encore. It was so so cold outside so I had to throw on some black tights. I saw another Instagram blogger post a picture with black tights and strappy pink heels over them. I figured if she can pull that off I can wear my shoes with some tights! My legs are not ready to reveal themselves yet!

I am not the biggest social butterfly these days, and I do not have a ton of close friends. I also don’t leave my kids much to go have a night out on the town, so I get excited when I get to throw the yoga pants off and dress like an adult! I must say I did enjoy it, but my feet were throbbing when I got home and I couldn’t wait to throw on my favorite sweats when I got home. I ran to Michael’s on my way home – so in my next post you will see some of the crafts that ended up being made when I got home!

Why do we love posting selfies so much?

¬†I¬†was thinking about this today..SELFIES. Do we all take them, but we don’t all post them? I really enjoy taking selfies (that sounds so silly to just throw it out there like that) When I look back at my childhood..me and my cousin would always get all dolled up and take “modeling” pictures of each other.¬† I never “posted” them anywhere, I was too young to even have anywhere to post them! It was just fun to do!! Then when I got a little older..Myspace became the hot thing. That was like THE place to put all of your selfies! I even remember posting a couple in a bikini and it offended my sisterinlaw so much at the time that she tried to get my brother to get me to¬†take them down, like I was committing a crime. So-selfies that bare more skin-do they offend people? Or do they bring out the insecurities in themselves so they feel they have to make us feel we are doing something wrong because it makes them feel uncomfortable with themselves? If taking pictures of yourself is a hobby just as much as someone who loves to cook and takes endless pictures of their food…why are selfies criticized more? People are just as much a work of art as a beautiful plate of food!

For me, selfies are how I always expressed myself and my self confidence. When I got all dolled up and felt pretty, it made me feel like I could do anything, made me feel confident. And when you feel confident, you feel like you can do anything, right!? Working in a salon was the best¬†job for me, because they encouraged us to look the best we could. It made our clients feel confident that we would make them feel like the best version of themselves if we, in turn, looked our best. I may not be in a salon anymore..but I still feel like getting myself ready in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. If I feel good about myself I am more likely to get out of the friggin’ door and get some much needed errands done..or take the girls somewhere fun! I find myself being much more social when I feel like I look presentable. Do you girls feel the same!?

Everyone does different things that make them feel their most confident. Whether it be a killer work out, killing it at their job, or getting all your housework done for the day before 10 am (that puts me in the BEST mood!) We shouldn’t criticize other people for what they do to make themselves feel good, feel happy. If curling my hair and wearing as much eyeliner as I can and taking 20 selfies that day¬†makes me feel GOOD, why shouldn’t I do it!? Everybody wins really. If I feel good, my kids, my husband, my friends-they all benefit from it. Because I am HAPPY and giving them the best version of myself!!!

The bloggers and Instagram women who inspire me are the ones that take selfies to promote something that means something to them-whether it be an idea, their own brand or somebody else’s brand that they are inspired by and want to share with others to inspire them too! I have gotten so many fashion and fitness tips from this woman and I get excited to see their next selfie or post and what it will inspire! I hope to do this for others as well.

My #ootd was an H&M peplum top, my favorite Target jeans, and Coach flats from DSW. If I am struggling to find shoes I like I always resort to DSW! H&M has also been one of my favorite stores for years!!! Their prices are unbeatable and their style just fits me so well. I own a lot of jeans from their store too.

Yoga Confessions

I am going to confess something hoping I am not the only one. Most days I wear yoga pants so that when the opportunity to work out comes, I am just READY for it! The beauty of yoga pants is they look super cute with a comfy top and most flat shoes. I have even rocked ballet flats with my yoga pants and didn’t feel totally unfashionable. Today I wore my favorite black Champion yoga pants. I should have bought 5 pairs of these when I found them, they are amazing. I own them in capri form as well so I can rock them year-round. The girls got to bed on time tonight so I got to get my new favorite show in(This is Us) and my work out in – yay!! All I had to do was throw on a tank and my five finger shoes.

I have been teased many times for loving my five finger shoes. I have had them for 4 years and I still love them as much as the first time I wore them!! They feel like you have no shoes on, and they don’t make my feet look huge, so I can wear them with a t-shirt dress or shorts in warm weather (whenever warm weather decides to show it’s face–arghh!!) #whereareyousummer. I checked Amazon for you guys and you can still buy them here.

In case you are wondering what exercises I do, they are 99% of the time going to be by Fitness Blender on YouTube. You guys, they have over 600 workouts for FREE on youtube. I have been obsessed with them for a couple years now. Whether you¬†only have time for a 5 minute squat workout or you want a full body workout with weights, they are for you!! They have kept me interested in exercising for way longer than I have ever been able to go in the past. They don’t put music in the background so you can rock out to your own tunes (or watch TV) I have done that, if I want to watch TV I will just put the exercise video of choice on my phone and watch my favorite shows at the same time. I do a 1 hour lower body¬†pilates video by Fitness Blender that requires you to be on the floor the whole time.¬†You can totally watch your favorite show during this work out! The link to this amazing workout is here.

Tonight I chose a couple of my trusty favorites. I wanted a quick arm workout and even quicker ab workout. I started off with my favorite bicep/tricep video by popsugarliving (link here). Then I did another favorite arm exercise by Fitness Blender (link here)I ended with an 8 minute ab exercise by Fitness Blender (link here).



If any of you need a change to your exercise routine I hope you will try some of their videos out, it changed my life! I was able to quit the expensive classes I was attending and stay toned at home. I have never been one to be able to work out successfully on my own, so having easy to follow videos has been a life saver! Now if I could only stop eating so many carbs….


Ponytails and fur

Ponytails scare me a little bit. I have never been one to confidently walk around with my hair slicked back in a ponytail or in a knot on top of my head. I prefer my hair down, and curly. Ponytails showcase all kinds of things that my long curls usually hide. When my hair is down I don’t have to worry if my foundation lines around my face are blended perfectly, or if my makeup is on point. When your hair is out of your face, you see everything! You better make sure that makeup is perfect girl! And for the gals who can rock a ponytail and no makeup, I applaud you! Girls with thick, long hair or extensions can rock a gorgeous ponytail but I do not have enough hair for that right now!! Today, my hair was NOT working well with me, so I had to resort to a messy ponytail. Do you gals like¬†ponytails or is it a last resort for you too? Maybe I will start experimenting and find a ponytail I can feel¬†confident in, that leaves my hair still looking full. Maybe add some strands around my face down – to offset my long, oval face.

Now, on to my boots! These suckers are at least 7 years old! I got them at Aldo when I worked in a salon and could afford to splurge on a pair of shoes any day of the week. Before kids and a home started sucking the life out of the funds! These boots called to me..they can be worn a few different ways: all the way rolled down, halfway rolled down, or not rolled at all. They are warmest when worn as thigh highs, and trendiest when folded all the way down. I do love me some fur!!!! It is chilly outside today, so a thick scarf from Express and warm, soft boots seemed perfect. (if only my hair was down… Happy Thursday everyone!