A minnie birthday

Birthday parties for our kids…we try to make them such a memorable event for our kids (funny thing is they probably won’t remember any of them at their ages now…3 and 5). We spend the whole month prior trying to plan what we are going to feed people, what kind of theme the party is going to have, what things we will have to do for people that come over. It all gets a bit stressful for the me. And then on my loved ones come over and I realize how worth it it all is! My friends and family are so amazing too, I do so much work before the party that once the party starts I get kind of lazy. And they totally pick up the slack for me. Help with the kids, the dishes, cutting the cake and serving ice cream because Zola wouldn’t detach from me. My people are amazing. Zola decided she wanted a Minnie Mouse birthday, so that is what we did. I got some upcycled wine bottles and spray painted them black and made them look like Minnie Mouse bottles. And I painted a few pink to make a centerpiece for our kitchen table too. I kept it simple when it came to decorations, I felt like that was enough other than a couple of small things. Zola was so cute..she got tired of all the commotion and went upstairs and passed out in the lazy boy upstairs! We were all laughing..she loves her alone time, always has. She always asks to go to one of our rocking chairs to watch her ipad and relax…alone. She was woken up at the party shortly after by screaming kids of course…just in time for cake and presents. We got a bounce house this year, and it started storming the afternoon of the party and I freaked out that we weren’t going to get to use it! Thank goodness mother nature got her sh*t together and the storm passed and everyone helped get the water out of the Bounce House. The kids had a blast in it all day!!! And us old folks(lol) had a blast too! Lots of yummy treats and adult drinks..it’s not all about the kids yo!!! We need to have fun too! Zola is lucky she has the summer birthday. Evalynn’s birthdays are in the Winter are pretty low-key at our house! We just sit around and eat and hang out…by the warm fireplace! Ugh..I don’t even want to think about Winter yet..Summer us too yummy. Late nights, cold drinks, salads, late night trips to the park and to get ice cream. It’s going to be so hard getting my kids back in school schedule!! This will be our first year of school Monday-Friday and I am nervous! Time to get my butt in gear…I knew this day would have to come eventually. I don’t want to even go there yet…save that for another anxiety filled post!


As you all know..I am a proud Momma and Wifey. I have had a lot weighing on my mind lately and I wonder..am I the only one who over-thinks and over-worries about things? It’s not to the point that I am anxious or anything. I just wonder..am I being the best Mom I can be? Am I doing enough for my kids? I am comfortaby wedged between both of my kids right now watching TV in my bed. They are super happy about it. I am sitting here thinking..WOW! I feel lazy! I should be teaching them something..or playing with them..or cooking them some amazing new recipe they would hardly eat! Or doing something to provide extra income for my family!

It takes SO much effort to try to be the perfect mom, wife, cook..keep the house spotless…stay fit. How do people do this!? I now see how super successful people hire others to do these things for them..so they can focus on pushing forward in this life. I have a lot of dreams..passions.. I do sit back and think wow..how am I going to accomplish all of this when it takes us 2 hours just to get the kids up and fed and ready for the day!?

We got struck with the stomach bug last weekend..Evalynn and I got hit hard. I didn’t even feel like myself completely until this morning. I was drained! Not only was I sick as a dog..but I had to sanitize the entire house. I finally got to the point of sanitizing all of the toys and I just gave up. It’s exhausting trying to keep the germs away! Luckily my husband and other daughter did not get it. But running around with bleach and making sure everyone’s hands are always washed properly is a bit exhausting! It didn’t help googling where all of the germs are hiding in my house. Plus side: even my light switches are now sanitized.

Moral of my story is..I just want to do it all..spend amazing time with friends and family..be the best Mom…have time to do amazing blogs..make time to do all the crafting I want..learn some amazing new recipes…plan a vacation!! DO WE ALL FEEL SO SPREAD THIN? How do you all deal with this?? Just accept there will never be enough time for it all? With two little girls tugging on my legs all day I suppose I will just stop and breathe them in for a bit..there’s time for everything later.


Side note: I think social media has a lot to do with this FOMO.. you see everyone else doing all of these things and you compare..it’s only normal. Before social media none of us knew what the other was doing..we just focused on our own lives and enjoying what we had instead of gawking at what everyone else has and is doing with their time. I also have to remember I have a 2 and 5 year old and that limits us a bit to what we can do with our day..their attention span is shorttttt!! As is my patience with them when out hahaha…xoxo Have a great rest of the week!!!!

an H&M kinda day

My OOTD isn’t always the most exciting in the Winter months. I just want to be warm and comfortable. Most of my wardrobe is from Target or H&M. We had a lot of running around to do yesterday. I had to register both of my girls for school. I cannot believe I’m going to have one in Kindergarten and one in 3yr preschool! Time is going by way too fast. What am I going to do without my baby until 4 p.m. 5 days a week? And will she come home too tired to even want to spend time with me? The anxiety is high! I think once I see that she is adjusting well and enjoying herself I will be just fine too. Okay..maybe I won’t mind the extra time to get things done. Zola never got to have a lot of Mommy and me time. So we will definitely use the opportunity to spend some quality time together. Maybe even get her in dance or something fun! It is definitely going to be a new chapter. Every school year the schedule changes so much! In a couple years they will both be in school all day. I don’t even know what that will feel like!
My jeans and top are from H&M. The jeans were only 9.99!!! The top is DIVIDED. It is a nice loose shirt, which was fitting because I had eaten 4 Paczis in the last 24 hours. I didn’t get to get any on Fat Tuesday, so I ran to Kroger the next morning and pick some up! They are so good. They go down way too easy! The funny thing about these boots is when I bought them I wasn’t even sure I liked them and I almost gave them away so many times. And then one day they just grew on me! Now they are one of my top picks. They look cute with leggings and a dressy top or dress too!! I didn’t have a lot of time to mess with my hair, it was a mess from just letting it air-dry overnight. I threw some curls in it and put it in a side pony, and I braided the back a little bit to give it some style from the back as well!

Shop some affordable H&M skinnies here!!


Why make a blog?

I have been following other people’s instagrams and realizing a lot of them also have a blog. I thought “how cool, your own place to showcase your thoughts, opinions, and passions”. I for a while have been looking for a certain outlet. I stay at home with my 2 daughters (ages 2 and 4)..and I love it! But sometimes I am like MAN..I need a second to breathe! To remember what makes ME happy! So I got to thinking..what makes me happy..what gets me excited? It’s the little things really…finding a good deal on some new clothes. Nailing a new recipe (extra bonus when the fam actually eats it). I went to cosmetology school and worked in a high end salon for 5 years before deciding to stay home with my daughters..but hair is still my passion. I love trying out new techniques, styles, and hair colors. I really believe having good hair can boost a woman’s confidence so much. Makeup..I love makeup! Give me a good eyeliner and mascara and I am SET. I have always been known for my “cat-eyes”. It’s my signature look..I feel naked without the cat-eyes on. Lastly, I am recently passionate about decorating my new home. I basically want it to look like it belongs on HGTV..but that will take a very long time!

Anyway…to end the ramble..I feel comfortable and confident in my own skin and if my posts can inspire other to feel the same..I have succeeded!