Ipsy Heaven

I was feelin’ kinda icky for a while there, and have been slacking on my posts. Feelin’ like “who’s going to read my posts anyway” “I have nothing interesting to say” “I look terrible I am not posting any selfies ever again.” HA! The selfie queen give up selfies? Who was I kidding. And then all the sudden..I get my groove back. It takes work to get your self confidence back up after talking yourself down. It takes steps. Work out more, eat better, get ready in the morning, put your makeup on etc. Eating better=better energy. Exercising=endorphins released=positive thoughts. We can’t give up on ourselves. I know I am not the only one who has negative thoughts, but the key is to not let them take over. Sure, go ahead and sulk for a couple days, but don’t let it become habit. Eating and exercising really do determine my moods. Too much sugar causes the sugar spikes which make me tired. Eating heavy makes me tired. I cut out fast food and even took sugar out of my coffee and smoothies for a few days. Eating small meals throughout the day has definitely helped. And an added bonus-my kids are on summer vacation hours! They have been sleeping in until 9 am or even later most days! I am a night owl so I appreciate this. Both of my girls passed out in the car at 5:30 pm yesterday for almost 2 hours. At first I thought “wow, this is going to be fun we can stay up late together!” …and then 11:30 pm came and they were still fighting sleep. Oh how it bit me in the butt! This time of year is so awesome though, isn’t it? It’s warm out til bedtime, it’s light out until 9 pm, everyone is outside playing and enjoying themselves. It brings out the happy in you even when you don’t want to be happy.

So, the point of this post-IPSY. My last bag was AWESOME! So many great products!!! The Cabana Boy Shadow/Blush was from a few months back, but is still one of my favorite blushes to wear.  This month I received a body lotion that feels like silk on your body and smells soooo amazing, it is called Delectable-coconut & cream. They sent me a pretty large bottle to sample too. It feels so good on my skin.  The Vasanti lip gloss really shocked me. It was not sticky at all, and gives me that WET look. A lot of lip glosses lack that. It really feels moisturizing on my lips as well. The bold brow by city color was a hit too! It comes with a medium and darker brown shade, so you can mix them to find your perfect shade. Some days I do the lighter color alone, and some days I do the darker alone to give a more dramatic look (when I have full makeup and hair done.) The eyeliner I received is really nice because it is waterproof but is super easy to get off with my Pond’s makeup remover. The only downfall of the pencil is I cannot get the sharp lines for the cat-eye look I so crave. I have to add the sharp edges in with one of my other eyeliners. The best eyeliner Ipsy has sent me is the EM Cosmetics felt tip eyeliner..it has such a soft, pointy tip that I can achieve any kind of cat-eye I want. The only thing I was not super fond of was the Trust Fund beauty nail polish. It did not go on very smooth and took too long to dry, so the application just looked sloppy. I only use Essie nail polish, you cannot beat them!! If I am in a hurry I can throw one coat of Essie on to get me cy, and it dries super quick.

So all in all, I am having a blast trying all of these new beauty products. I can’t wait for next month! If any of you are not as happy with your Ipsy bags, make sure to review what they send you so they can better understand what kind of products you like. Have a great week!!!