Hair – more than just strands

Hair…ahhh, hair. My passion, my reason, my inspiration. Hair means many more things than just dead strands connected to my head. It’s the only thing I wanted to learn about after high school. My hair is like an old friend that has been there since the beginning. Through the good cuts, the bad’s been there for me. My hair has changed and grown the same way I have as a person. When I was lost, didn’t know who I was or how to be happy, I chopped it above my ears, then bleached it…then colored it red. When I was trying to cover up my feelings and bad hair choices…I bought a wig (or 10). It may sound silly or like I am making it up, but it is true. About 7 years ago I put an end to that rollercoaster and was ready to be consistent, persistent, the best version of myself I could be. And since then, my hair has been altered a little bit here and there but for the most part it has stayed the same. Just like I have. And as time goes by, I tweaked it a little bit, just like I tweaked myself.

I color my own hair. I don’t have to, but I choose to. Mostly because my inspiration comes at times of the day that no salon would ever be open. It’s after the kids go to bed, and I look in the mirror deciding I deserve to be pampered for once. This is what happened tonight. I wanted a brighter look, and a couple inches chopped off as well. See this is the thing about changing your hair. You can go blonder, or longer. But you can’t do both at the same time. If you are going to brighten your hair and take the plunge and put that bleach on it, you have to be ready to get a good trim after. And don’t forget a conditioning treatment! Your hair and your skin are very porous and if you are going to take the moisture out, you have to put it back in. Sometimes I skip the treatment and I regret it after. Luckily tonight I was hungry so I just stuffed my face while waiting for the treatment to absorb in to my hair!
When I do my own hair, it is therapeutic for me. I carefully decide which strand goes where. And with each stroke of the brush I feel invigorated and excited for the new me that is about to reveal itself! My hair does not turn blonde very easy, so I have had to repeat this process every few months. And I am still not done. In a few months, I will brighten it a bit more again. (and trim, and condition).
If you are planning to get balayage or go lighter in any way, do know it does not happen overnight. It has taken me a very long time to get the bright pieces in my hair that I do have. And if you put trust in your stylist, they can achieve this for you. But don’t skip the trim, don’t skip the conditioning treatment. Treat yourself and treat your hair right and it will thank you!
I love my new look, and the precious ends I cut off will grow back again (slowly but surely) I am growing my layers out so I have to consistently cut the bottom off and leave the layers alone for a bit so they can catch up with my ends. I will be slowly adding some blonder pieces to this look to hopefully achieve a very icy blonde on my ends. If you are looking for something new with your hair, don’t be scared! Find that person you trust and let them tweak your hair a bit, you will feel just as invigorated as I do! I promise it will give you that pep in your step you are looking for. When I have a great hair day I feel like I can go out and accomplish anything! With confidence. Have a great rest of the week everyone!